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Critical Regular Seeds For Sale

Buy Critical Regular Seeds though cyberspace pronto from Royal Queen Seeds with rapid and stealth transport to anywhere on the planet’s surface.

Critical is a venerated ganja phenotype retailed as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds grow purely female cannabis weed plants however common seeds offer masculine and female cannabis herbs at near level ratios.

The flowering class of Critical is Photoperiod. Autoflower marijuana variances bloom without respect to light schedule whilst standard photoperiod cultivars grow in response to day length.

The Afghan S1 x Skunk S1 parents of Critical add the prime merits to this marijuana chemovar. The end product has fantastic terpene combinations that result in unreal fragrances and essences.

Scoring Critical Regular Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds grants you the means to nurture this jaw-dropping weed phenotype inside, outdoors, or wherever you want. The worth of the crop is striking.

Your Critical Regular Seeds are quickly mailed in merely a couple days from paying for these marijuana seeds electronically. The seeds are carefully wrapped for the greatest secrecy.

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Critical Breeder Description

With Critical Regular grows really can have it all their own way. With Critical’s perfect balance of potency, yield, flavour, and adaptability, it is the perfect commercial strain for maximising productivity. The ability to grow male plants as well provides amateur breeders with the pollen to experiment.

RQS’ Critical is an Indica-dominant strain that is reflected in its compact size, staying less than 100 cm. in height with a reduced vegetative growth time, otherwise it can grow up to 140 cm. indoors. Outdoors plants can reach 220 cm. It has short internode spacing, which will eventually fill up with buds and giving great yields. Its short height also makes it suitable to grow in smaller spaces for the more discreet growers.

Cultivated indoors it can produce 550 – 600 gr/m2 under a 600W light. Grown outdoors, it prefers a warmer climate such as a Mediterranean type and, given the right conditions, will produce up to 650 grams per plant. Due to its relatively short flowering time, it can be grown in more northern latitudes (UK, Netherlands); however, it will not reach its full potential as she would indoors.

No other plant from Royal Queen Seeds will yield as much in just 7 weeks as Critical. This short flowering time makes it suitable for growers with a tight schedule. Commercial growers will be pleased with the results in sea/screen of green operations as it delivers large yields with very little maintenance.

Critical’s flavour is a balanced blend of earthy, fruity, and pine tones, with a high that soothes and relaxes. Expect a very body-centric experience, perfect for physical relief. Critical regular is perfect for use in joints, spliffs, pipes and vaporizers. With 18% THC, the high lasts long and evolves from the mind to the body over the duration of its effect.

Critical Growing Information

Sprout your Critical Regular Seeds by studying our germination guide. Have the growth media wettish by adding water, however do not let it get waterlogged.

Supply the weeds with illumination right after they’ve begun to grow. Deliver nutes after Critical has finished its sapling development state.

During the course of the vegetative growth cycle, support the crop to prosper and build vegetation. Recurrent inspection and pest control strategies will secure a lucrative marijuana nursery.

The flowers are harvestable succeeding a bloom phase of 49 – 63 days, entirely packed with resin and shielded in THC crystals. This cannabis strain is famed for its top-shelf outcomes.

Critical provides a worthy High harvest of terrific Mostly Indica nugs that provide good Body, Physical, Powerful, Relaxing, Stoned sensations.


Royal Queen Seeds

CBD Content



Body, Physical, Powerful, Relaxing, Stoned

Flowering Time

49 – 63 days

Flowering Type


Afghan S1 x Skunk S1


Grows Indoors, Grows Outdoors

Pack Size

10 Seeds

Plant Height

Indoors: 80 – 140 cm; Outdoors: 180 – 220 cm.

THC Content