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Welcome to the Starseeds.net website. We are the world's largest Starseed community that focuses on the miracle plant from out-of-this-world: cannabis. Through spiritual teachings and life-lessons we can come to a state of consciousness that can help us to understand the state of mind of others. We hope you come with an open heart, mind, and soul.


Searching for what exactly Starseeds are? Our cannabis seeds are called Starseeds due to the mystical effect these plants have on humans.


We are avid users of potent cannabinoids in our breeding practices. The mind relies of THC primary to induce the psychedelia.


Our seed packages ship so quick you will be surprised to see the arrived so early! Always discreet and secret so nobody knows.

We provide the best cannabis seeds to growers

Our international team of cannabis breeders come from around the world. This diversity gives us a wide range of genetics to choose from. Especially popular with growers are the Starseeds Landrace Collection of seeds, available soon this year.

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With Starseeds, you can find the best weed seeds to grow for any climate - whether that's indoors, outdoors, in a greenhouse, grow tent, closet or other indoor area. Our strains are suited to perform well in a variety of climates.

Super Shipping

If your order doesn't get received we will send you another at no cost.

Quality Cannabis

Our seeds are harvested from fresh cannabis plants, not old bunk seeds!


We try to minimize over-hybridization to stabilize our genetics for best growth.

High Yields

Get an the most amount of grams per meter squared with our award-winning strains.