Cannabis seeds

Members of the community are offering a new awakening in the form of seeds from the healing plant known as cannabis, or marijuana. We hope you enjoy our cannabis seeds & mysticism as much as we do.

regular cannabis seeds
Regular Cannabis Seeds

Seeds from the naturally-bred marijuana plant will awaken your senses.

Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Grow super quick autoflowering cannabis plants from

Indica Cannabis Seeds

High-quality dank, dense indica plants from seed. Enlighten your inner sensi..

"Let's get you set up with the dank from our StarSeeds community"

feminized cannabis seeds
Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Females only for our Starseeds collection of femmed cannabis seeds.

THC-CBD Cannabis Seeds
THC-CBD Cannabis Seeds

Potent sativa, indica and hybrid strains containing the max amount of THC-CBD.

Sativa Cannabis Seeds

High in THC and other energetic cannabinoids, sativa strains are great.

Why StarSeeds?

We will trip you out with these amazing benefits that StarSeeds has to offer.

Fast Shipping

We deliver cannabis seeds discreetly and quickly. Expect your order in under a week.

Cultivation Masters

We are breeders for over two decades who love to grow our own stash from our Starseeds.

Healthy Genetics

Our plants are bred in the light outdoors and are given an organic diet through growth.

Love & Care

At we care deeply about our cannabis strains and their potency.

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What's Our Customers Are Saying

Real conversations from happy people who have bought with us. Note as of early 2019 we are not accepting new orders as we secure a new payment processing solution for our cannabis seeds. Stay tuned for updates, we plan to go live later this year.

Kat Gallagher
Kat Gallagher
Sativa Lover / Cannabis Grower

My Starseeds cannabis seeds grew great under my 600W HPS in a 4x4x8 grow tent. Of course I picked sativa, being the energetic female I am, I prefer the heady effects. Yields were above average, so yeah good stuff!

Rodney Lombard
Entrepreneur / Rosin Guru

I was looking for a real resin-heavy phenotype to work with. I did my research and came upon To my surprise the seeds came in and they all germinated quick! But that’s not even the best part – the plants were loaded with resin which led to a massive rosin yield at harvest-time.

Robert Mcgeorge
Robert McGeorge
Manager / Cannabis Farm

I highly recommend Starseeds for cannabis seed selection due to the wide range available from the open-minded StarSeeds community. I’ve been a member for 10 years and my enhanced alien communication is just beginning to develop.

Molly Sirikarn
Molly Sirikarn
Freelance Cannabis Industry Model

So we tried the high THC seeds from Luckily they all sprouted up and came in the mail just in about 5 days since we ordered them. Wow! The plants were so big and smelly, I wish I would have purchased more as I’m in need of some again already!

FAQ Section

Answers to your questions about the Intl. Starseed Network. is the premier source of rare cannabis genetics in seed form. Expand your mind with our indica, sativa, high THC and high CBD medical marijuana strains to grow at home!

Our seeds vary in genetics, however their gender may be predefined. Feminized seeds will produce just the female buds (sensimilla) without seeds. Regular seeds will give you both females and males to pick from.

You may trust in to fulfill your order with the highest security and respect for your privacy. All orders are done within a secure checkout form and your personal data is encrypted for your protection.


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