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Sour Diesel Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Sour Diesel Feminised Seeds on the internet promptly from Nirvana with rapid and stealthy distribution to any place around the world.

Sour Diesel is a treasured ganja lineage ready to buy as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds produce purely female ganja cannabis plants while common seeds offer masculine and female ganja greenery at about equal percentages.

The flowering kind of Sour Diesel is Photoperiod. Auto weed chemovars bloom undeterred by lighting cycle whereas standard photo-period cultivars grow in accord to day length.

The NY Power Diesel x Sour Diesel lineage of Sour Diesel bring forth the ultimate excellences to this weed strain. The harvest has terrific terpene combinations that result in awesome scents and qualities.

Bagging Sour Diesel Feminised Seeds by Nirvana grants you the resources to nurture this wonderful cannabis lineage inside, outside, or wherever. The worth of the finished product is marvelous.

Your Sour Diesel Feminised Seeds are quickly sent in only a couple days since buying these weed seeds in real time. The seeds are cautiously wrapped for the best secrecy.

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Sour Diesel Breeder Description

The New York Power Diesel has been on the menu for years and we recently decided to jazz her up by back-crossing her with the Sour Diesel, a treasured ancestor. The cosmopolitan Ms. Diesel features a light green color and is a medium to tall plant with some variation between the phenos. Cropping or trimming the taller pheno is recommended as she tends to stretch. The buds are tall sativa shaped candles and appear as if they’ve been inflicted with frostbite as a white glow is the first thing that strikes you. Sour Diesel is a good yielder of supreme quality dank buds.

Sour Diesel pays homage to her ancestral genes with a wonderfully overpowering diesel aroma highlighting hints of red grapefruit. What’s not to love?

The overall effect is an invigorating head high that delivers boundless energy and super creative thoughts.

Sour Diesel Growing Information

Start your Sour Diesel Feminised Seeds by following our germination guide. Keep the growing media moistened by adding water, yet do not let it get muddy.

Endow the seeds with light immediately after they’ve sprouted. Feed plant feed immediately after Sour Diesel has finalized its sprouting development state.

At the veg phase, permit the dope plants to grow and gain leafage. Regular watching and fertilizing will guarantee a triumphant weed patch.

The nuggets are completed growing after a bloom phase of 63 – 77 days, entirely hashy and enveloped in trics. This marijuana variety is esteemed for its top-shelf outcomes.

Sour Diesel produces a lucrative harvest of terrific Mostly Sativa nugs that provoke delightful touches.



Flowering Time

63 – 77 days


NY Power Diesel x Sour Diesel

Medical Properties


Flowering Type

Pack Size

5 Seeds

Plant Height

100cm – 130cm