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Mango Skunk Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Mango Skunk Feminised Seeds on the web instantly from Nirvana with expeditious and safe distribution to anywhere in the world.

Mango Skunk is a leading ganja breed ready to buy as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds spring up purely feminine ganja ganja plants however common seeds grow pollinating and feminine ganja herbs at approximately uniform ratios.

The flowering nature of Mango Skunk is Photoperiod. Auto pot strains bloom ignoring lighting schedule whereas standard photo-period phenotypes grow in accord to daylight cycle.

The Mango x Venus Flytrap (Skunk Special x (Jock Horror x Skunk #1)) lineage of Mango Skunk impart the elite features to this marijuana chemovar. The final product has fabulous terpene compositions that bring forth superb fragrances and qualities.

Obtaining Mango Skunk Feminised Seeds by Nirvana allows you to nurture this mind-blowing cannabis breed inside, outside, or wherever you demand. The value of the product is outstanding.

Your Mango Skunk Feminised Seeds are promptly forwarded in only a small number of days since buying these pot seeds in real time. The seeds are secretly boxed for peak concealment.

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Mango Skunk Breeder Description

The Nirvana team came to play with the Mango Kush, a newly created strain that resulted in the crossing of a mango clone as a mom and a Venus flytrap father (a Skunk dominant strain).

The skunky maiden has a light to medium green color alongside typical Indica fan leaves. She features 3 phenos – one leaning more towards the Sativa side (tall and quite branchy) while the other two are clearly Indica dominant with a short to medium stature. It’s worth noting though that branch structure does vary between the two.

The Mango aroma is quite discrete, a creamy and slightly fruity feel with an earthy undertone. The flavor however is anything but. She has clearly been influenced by the sativa genes of both the Jack Herer and Skunk Special, and features a mango explosion alongside a hint of cinnamon haze.

The high, despite being an Indica dominant strain, is clearly influenced by the Sativa genes resulting in an uplifting, activating, stimulating high that goes on, and on, and on…

Mango Skunk Growing Information

Spring up your Mango Skunk Feminised Seeds by looking over our germination guide. Sustain the potting mix wettish by adding water, except do not let it get soaked.

Bestow the plants with sunlight at the moment when they’ve popped up. Feed plant food right after Mango Skunk has ended its sprout growing stage.

Within the veg phase, bring your dope plants to expand and generate vegetation. Recurrent surveillance and nourishment will contribute to a booming herb patch.

The flowers are finished succeeding a bloom phase of 63 – 77 days, thoroughly laded with resin and shielded in crystals. This strain is loved for its first-rate bag appeal.

Mango Skunk supplies a noteworthy harvest of glorious Indica / Sativa buds that supply delightful sentiments.



Flowering Time

63 – 77 days


Mango x Venus Flytrap (Skunk Special x (Jock Horror x Skunk #1))

Pack Size

5 Seeds

Flowering Type

Plant Height

80cm – 110cm