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Top 6 Best Marijuana Seed Banks Online 2024 (USA Shipping)

The very best marijuana seedbanks online in 2024 to purchase cannabis seeds with shipping to the USA and worldwide. Buy from the top reviewed cannabis seed banks trusted to send real deal seeds from the breeder with guaranteed super fast delivery.

What makes a marijuana seed bank the best? Well, if you’re a United States resident then you will have to buy from a seed bank that ships weed seeds within the United States—not all seed banks do. That’s why we recommend purchasing exclusively at America-based seed banks that offer quick delivery of your order to each and every State in the USA. Then there are customer reviews of various cannabis seed banks online to take into consideration—buyers can form an idea of whether an online shop is a scam or real by looking at the best and worst reviewed marijuana seed banks online.

Our list of top marijuana seed banks that ship to USA is comprised of only the best reviewed companies on the online marijuana seed marketplace. These seed banks have a wealth of positive reviews posted by users on SeedFinder, Trustpilot, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and other popular internet platforms.

Buy the latest and greatest feminized seeds, regular seeds, autoflower seeds—all in the form of sativa, indica, hybrid, landrace, IBL, and heirloom cannabis seeds. Grow the top-shelf quality cannabis buds found in premier USA medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries across the nation.

If you’re looking for a legit supplier of fresh, viable cannabis seeds to USA locations, try our most trusted and best reviewed cannabis seed banks online this year, listed below. Be sure to check each seedbank for their latest free seed giveaways, cannabis seed coupons and special offers. Every single one of them ships marijuana seeds to the United States with fast and discreet delivery.

#1 – Seedsman Seed Bank

Seedsman Seedbank Review

Seedsman is a highly trusted cannabis seedbank with a massive supply of feminized, regular and autoflowering seeds in the most popular cultivars from highly respected breeders in the cannabis industry. Earning consistant positive feedback on Facebook, IG, and Reddit, Seedsman is a top reviewed trusted supplier of marijuana seeds that provides stealthy fast shipping to buyers in the USA and around the world. There’s always free seeds and special events going on at Seedsman, so we suggest you take a minute to check them out and see for yourself. We have had nothing but success from our own orders with Seedsman for the seed packages we get sent to our home in the United States. They offer many payment options including credit card, debit card, ACH/bank transfer, cash, money apps, and Bitcoin. You can expect your seeds to arrive in as little as three days from ordering.

#2 – ILGM Seed Bank

ILGM Seedbank Review

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is a top online marijuana seed bank offering a variety of in-demand cannabis varieties for sale, which are all available in feminized or autoflowering seeds. ILGM has a massive online presence with hundreds of grow guides suited for beginner and intermediate growers. ILGM seeds are constantly on sale, so be sure to pick up your favorites when they’re discounted at buy ten get ten free rates. With daily dispatch from California to all fifty US states, ILGM ships seeds fast. Your order will arrive within 2–10 days. Shipping is completely free and every seed is guaranteed to germinate. As for accepted payment methods, ILGM takes credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, cash payments, and Bitcoin. Boasting 30,000 reviews on kiyoh, ILGM has an excellent 8.9/10 total score with 92% of buyers recommending the seed bank. We have made multiple purchases with ILGM in the past year and have been very satisfied with our germination rates as well as the delivery speed of our orders.

#3 – Homegrown Seed Bank

Homegrown Seedbank Review

Homemade Cannabis Co is a California-based American cannabis seed bank that has garnered much recognition lately due to its proprietary in-house genetics and connections with prominent industry players and U.S. cannabis institutions. Discover affordable pricing and frequent discounts on feminized, regular, and autoflower strains for sale. Each purchase gets you points redeemable for incentives. Your seeds are supplied discretely in crush-resistant packaging with a delivery and germination guarantee, or they are reshipped at no extra cost. Payment options include credit card, debit card, bank transfer, cash, and Bitcoin. Homegrown has thousands of positive customer testimonials on its website, and we’ve had a terrific experience shopping from them so far: purchases arrive swiftly, and the seeds are of excellent quality. Moreover, delivery is free on purchases over $115!

#4 – Blimburn Seed Bank

Blimburn Seedbank Review

Blimburn Seed Bank has been a reliable supplier of cannabis seeds for over twenty years, and they now have over 800 different strains, all of which are available for purchase as either feminized, regular, or autoflower seeds. Blimburn sells high-quality cultivars of THC and CBD, as well as sativa and indica strains, hybrids, and American genetics that are highly sought for. Whether you make a purchase of marijuana seeds from Blimburn using PayPal, a credit card, a bank transfer, or cryptocurrency, your order will be mailed out immediately in discrete packaging and is guaranteed to grow. In just 2-4 business days, your parcel will arrive. Every purchase scores you Blimcoins to use on their shop. And if that wasn’t enough, they offer free delivery anywhere on all orders over $70! When we previously purchased from Blimburn, neither the shipment nor the germination of the seeds was an issue for us. Don’t sleep on this seed bank!

#5 – MSNL Seed Bank

MSNL Seedbank ReviewMSNL is a legit supplier of marijuana seeds that ships fast to USA and worldwide. A premium seed stock containing hundreds of top varieties popular in the cannabis community are sold on the MSNL website. MSNL, also called the “original seedbank”, has been in business since 1999. Now in 2024, their online presence is stronger than ever. The MSNL seedbank is frequently updated, featuring the latest releases of productive regular, feminized and auto seeds—there’s some great THC Bomb, Magnum Auto and GDP seeds given away as freebies, and always new free seeds to get excited for your next purchase. MSNL has thousands of positive customer reviews from Yotpo, proudly displayed on their website. My personal experiences with the seedbank have been positive as well, the seeds are shipped to US locations fast, discreet and are of good quality. However, payment processing is done outside of the US, so verify that your credit or debit card allows overseas transactions or consider the payment alternatives, such as bank transfer or Bitcoin, both of which are accepted at MSNL. US customers can select express guaranteed shipping at checkout to recieve their seeds in just 1-5 days.

#6 – Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seedbank Review

Crop King Seeds is a well known weed seed shop based in Canada that ships seeds to the US by mail with stealthy packaging and fast delivery. The entire Crop King Seeds collection are of the company’s own making; the difference in Crop King compared to other cannabis seed banks is in their personal offerings on classic strains such as Purple Kush, Hash Plant, Sour Diesel, Jack Herer, White Widow seeds and more, along with selling new favorites like Gelato and White Banner seeds. 2024 has shown significant increase in the customer satisfaction from buyers of Crop King Seeds. With overwhelming positive feedback on social media, Crop King Seeds has earned an excellent reputation among customers. My own orders with Crop King have never had problems, although we sure do miss the days when you could buy marijuana seeds with PayPal on Crop King. Today, you can use any major credit card, bank transfer, or opt for other payment options. Seeds are received in the United States within a few days.

Types of Cannabis Seeds

feminized cannabis seeds

Feminized Seeds

Purchasing feminized seeds is the right choice for growers who wish each plant to be a declared female, necessary for seedless cannabis buds, known as sensimilla. Feminized seeds represent the most popular type of cannabis seeds on the market in 2024.

Autoflower Seeds

Buy autoflower seeds for the cannabis grower who needs quick and heavy yielding harvests of plants that can flower under any light schedule. The perpetual harvest abilities are plentiful when using autoflower seeds to grow cannabis in the USA.

regular cannabis seeds

Regular Seeds

Get regular seeds to grow both the female and male marijuana plant species. Regular cannabis seeds are the natural reproductive form of wild cannabis, and preserving regular seed genetics is essential to the future of the plant, along with the breeders who make their own strains.

Cannabis Seed Banks that Ship to the USA - About Delivery

The seedbanks included on this page send out discreet, protected packages of cannabis seeds that will be delivered to your United States mailing address. You may have the option to upgrade to extra-stealth shipping though these seedbanks, as well as the choice of keeping seeds in the original breeder's pack or separated and placed in small plastic baggies.

Cannabis Seeds USA delivery by Seedsman Seedbank

Best Cannabis Seed Bank USA Shortlist

Seedsman Seedbank Logo

#1 Voted Best Marijuana Seed Bank Online 2024

Seed Stock Over 2,400
Breeders Over 100
Pay by Credit Card, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, etc.
Ships to USA + Worldwide
Our Rating 5 Stars
Shop Seedsman Now

ILGM logo

#2 Voted Best Marijuana Seed Bank Online 2024

Seed Stock Over 100
Breeders ILGM Team
Pay by Credit Card, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, etc.
Ships to USA Only
Our Rating 4.9 Stars
Shop ILGM Now

Homegrown Logo

#3 Voted Best Marijuana Seed Bank Online 2024

Seed Stock Over 500
Breeders Homegrown Team
Pay by Credit Card, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, etc.
Ships to USA + Worldwide
Our Rating 4.8 Stars
Shop Homegrown Now

Blimburn Logo

#4 Voted Best Marijuana Seed Bank Online 2024

Seed Stock Over 600
Breeders Blimburn Team
Pay by Credit Card, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, etc.
Ships to USA + Worldwide
Our Rating 4.8 Stars
Shop Blimburn Now

Crop King Seeds Logo
Crop King

#5 Voted Best Marijuana Seed Bank Online 2024

Seed Stock Around 500
Breeders Crop King Team
Pay by Credit Card, Bitcoin, Cash, E-Transfers
Ships to USA + Worldwide
Our Rating 4.7 Stars
Shop Crop King Seeds Now


#6 Voted Best Marijuana Seed Bank Online 2024

Seed Stock Over 2oo
Breeders MSNL Team
Pay by Credit Card, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, etc.
Ships to USA + Worldwide
Our Rating 4.7 Stars
Shop MSNL Now

Best Marijuana Seed Bank 2024 Online - Winner: Seedsman

#1 Cannabis Seedbank with USA Shipping 2024 - Seedsman

Authors’ Note: As owners of a seed bank ourselves, we felt it was only fair to exclude the Starseeds online store from the rankings. Nevertheless, more and more customers are shopping at Starseeds for their cannabis seed needs. We humbly invite you to check out our seed shop, where you can find a vast range of marijuana seeds from over one-hundred breeders—all for sale at discounted prices. To top it off, we provide hassle-free payment options and ship to practically any location on the world map.

Disclaimer: The information on this website does not promote illegal activity. Being aware of the laws in your area regarding cannabis seeds is a must before considering ordering at an online marijuana seed bank.