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Runtz Bomb Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Runtz Bomb Feminised Seeds on the web on the spot from Bomb Seeds with expeditious and inconspicuous distribution to any place worldwide.

Runtz Bomb is a cherished cannabis variety for sale as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds germinate purely female ganja reefer flowers yet common seeds bear masculine and female ganja plant life at practically the same proportions.

The flowering pattern of Runtz Bomb is Photoperiod. Autoflower reefer strains bloom without consideration of lighting hours whereas ordinary photoperiod varieties grow in accord to light hours.

The Runtz x (Runtz x Big Bomb) lineage of Runtz Bomb bestow the greatest characteristics to this cannabis variety. The final product has astonishing terps that contribute phenomenal fragrances and qualities.

Scoring Runtz Bomb Feminised Seeds by Bomb Seeds grants you the power to cultivate this awesome weed variety inside, outside, or any place at all. The class of the finished product is exceptional.

Your Runtz Bomb Feminised Seeds are promptly shipped in merely a couple of days from paying for these reefer seeds in real time. The seeds are carefully bundled for the best privacy.

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Runtz Bomb Breeder Description

Runtz Bomb is an indica-dominant (60%) hybrid strain with very high levels of THC and some very impressive yields. This version of Runtz increases yields by using a Big Bomb father to pollinate a Runtz female and subsequently selecting for the truest-breeding and highest-yielding plant to breed further in order to stabilise it before back-crossing to the Runtz mother.

Plants stay quite short indoors, less than 150 cm, but grow very leafy and bushy. Some defoliation will be necessary to boost air flow and reduce the chances of mould taking hold due to the short internodal distance. After an 8 – 9 week flowering period harvests will be in the range 600 – 700 gr/m2. Outdoors plants can grow to a height of 180 cm. and be ready for harvest in the northern hemisphere in early October. Buds are large and dense.

Runtz is famous for its sweet, candy-style taste with citrus back-notes and Runtz Bomb is no exception to this rule. THC levels exceed 25% making this very potent weed indeed. Its effect is balanced, calming and energising at the same time, with an uplifting sensation of euphoria. Great for laughs with friends and helpful as a stress reliever.

Runtz Bomb Growing Information

Begin your Runtz Bomb Feminised Seeds by checking out our germination guide. Retain the potting soil or media wet by applying water, nevertheless do not let it get swampy.

Present the plants with light as soon as they’ve begun to grow. Grant plant nutrients after Runtz Bomb has concluded its sprouting growing cycle.

At the veg period, help the plants to expand and generate leaves. Habitual examination and fertilization will guarantee a booming pot seed grow.

The budlets are completed growing succeeding a bloom period of 56 – 63 days, utterly laded with resin and wrapped in THC crystals. This weed variety is venerated for its fabulous terpene profiles.

Runtz Bomb produces a gainful High harvest of phenomenal Mostly Indica flowers that produce good Balanced, Body, Calming, Cerebral, Energetic, Euphoric, Powerful, Uplifting stones.


Bomb Seeds


Balanced, Body, Calming, Cerebral, Energetic, Euphoric, Powerful, Uplifting

Flowering Time

56 – 63 days


Runtz x (Runtz x Big Bomb)

Flowering Type


Indoors, Outdoors

Medical Conditions


Medical Properties


Pack Size

5 Seeds, 10 Seeds

Plant Height

Indoors: 100 – 150 cm; Outdoors: 180 cm.

THC Content

25 – 27%