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Monkey Bomb Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Monkey Bomb Feminised Seeds on the internet promptly from Bomb Seeds with prompt and inconspicuous delivery to any location around the world.

Monkey Bomb is a leading cannabis variety on sale as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds spring up entirely feminine marijuana weed flowers yet common seeds provide masculine and feminine marijuana plant life at close to level proportions.

The flowering class of Monkey Bomb is Photoperiod. Auto-flowering marijuana types bloom heedless of lighting schedule whilst photoperiodic varieties grow in accordance to daylight cycle.

The Gorilla Bomb x Cookies & Cream lineage of Monkey Bomb lend the prime features to this cannabis chemovar. The end product has amazing terpene medleys that result in extraordinary scents and essences.

Picking up Monkey Bomb Feminised Seeds by Bomb Seeds gives you the resources to crop this remarkable cannabis variety indoors, outside, or wherever you fancy. The excellence of the crop is exceptional.

Your Monkey Bomb Feminised Seeds are rapidly forwarded in only a handful of days since buying these marijuana seeds on the internet. The seeds are secretly encapsulated for supreme discretion.

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Monkey Bomb Breeder Description

Despite being a 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid, Monkey Bomb has a very narcotic effect. It was produced by crossing Gorilla Bomb with Cookies & Cream making it a relative of the Gorilla Glue and Girl Scout Cookies lines.

Monkey Bomb can be grown indoors and outdoors and responds well to both topping and fimmimg to create a nice even canopy resulting in more and larger buds. Experienced growers will obtain great results using a technique called ‘mainlining’ whereby seedlings are pruned back to the third node to create a ‘Y-shaped’ manifold, something that can be repeated as plants grow in the vegetative stage. The result is a high number of fat colas all receiving an equal share of nutrients as they are all the same distance from the main stem. Check online for more detailed instructions if you are interested in trying this.

Monkey Bomb plants remain compact when grown indoors, reaching 100 – 130 cm. tall with some very good yields of 500 – 600 gr/m2 in an 8 – 9 week period of flowering. Plants smell very loud once flowering begins so be sure to use good carbon filters. Outdoors, plants grow taller, reaching a height of 180 cm, with northern latitude harvests due in early October. The dense, green buds are decorated with orange pistils and covered with glistening resin.

The acrid, kerosene scent of the early flowering stage mellows, becoming more like sweet vanilla once the buds are dried and cured. THC content is high at 19 – 22%, givng an effect that is immediately relaxing albeit with a bit of sativa lift. This becomes heavier and more sedative over time.

Monkey Bomb Growing Information

Start your Monkey Bomb Feminised Seeds by studying our germination guide. Keep the growing mix wet by adding water, yet do not let it get too wet.

Present the plants with light when they’ve sprouted. Deliver plant feed right after Monkey Bomb has finished its germination development state.

Within the veg stage, help the marijuana plants to advance and earn vegetation. Periodic checkup and nutrient provision will insure a fruitful herb seed grow.

The budlets are completed growing after a budding time of 56 – 63 days, entirely plastered with resin and buried in frost. This marijuana variety is respected for its top-shelf results.

Monkey Bomb provides a lucrative High production of magnificent Indica / Sativa nuggets that provoke nice Body, Cerebral, Physical, Powerful, Relaxing, Sedative perceptions.


Bomb Seeds


Body, Cerebral, Physical, Powerful, Relaxing, Sedative

Flowering Time

56 – 63 days


Gorilla Bomb x Cookies & Cream

Flowering Type


Indoors, Outdoors

Pack Size

5 Seeds, 10 Seeds

Plant Height

Indoors: 100 – 130 cm; Outdoors: 180 cm.

THC Content

19 – 22%