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Purple Queen Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Purple Queen Feminised Seeds on the net right now from Royal Queen Seeds with expeditious and tactful delivery to any place around the world.

Purple Queen is a honored cannabis chemovar retailed as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds spring up entirely feminine cannabis cannabis flowers yet common seeds bear masculine and feminine cannabis herbs at approximately equal percentages.

The flowering variety of Purple Queen is Photoperiod. Automatic marijuana variances bloom without consideration of day length whilst photoperiodic cultivars answer to lighting hours.

The Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani parents of Purple Queen add the prime features to this cannabis variety. The matured crop has terrific terpene medleys that bring forth excellent fragrances and qualities.

Scoring Purple Queen Feminised Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds gives you the ability to crop this awesome marijuana chemovar inside, outdoors, or wherever you want. The standard of the matured crop is top-notch.

Your Purple Queen Feminised Seeds are rapidly forwarded in merely a couple days following paying for these marijuana seeds electronically. The seeds are cautiously cased for the greatest stealth.

Scores of cultivators gauge Starseeds as the prime online seedbank to obtain Royal Queen Seeds seeds at the cheapest price point. We provide smooth forms of payment as well as foolproof careful shipment to all spots in the whole world.

As the number one seed store for unique cannabis seeds, Starseeds is sworn to client fulfillment. Please do reach out to our kind sales service if you happen to want any help getting Purple Queen Feminised Seeds on the web.

Purple Queen Breeder Description

Purple Queen is pure indica royalty. By combining the most elusive and highly-prized purple phenotypes of Kush mountain strains, the master breeders at Royal Queen Seeds have developed a unique Kush hybrid. Vibrant purple colours, pungent pine-fuel aromas, and a deeply penetrating, physically stoned effect are to be expected from Purple Queen.

Purple Queen’s powerful physical effects will take you deep. Deep into the couch and probably the fridge, too. Smooth, full-bodied Kush flavour with a slight lemon twist will delight your palate as you gently float off to dreamland.

Purple Queen reigns supreme in the cannabis garden. Indoors, or outdoors in temperate to warm climates, this strain can and probably will stun you with her gooey purple nugs. In just 8 weeks of 12/12, or by mid-September outdoors, she will be ready for harvest. Purple Queen is a compact, branchy Kush hybrid that will mature to purple dream weed without a fuss. She’ll fill out lateral grow space and will rarely exceed 1m in height. Over thousands of years, the ancient Kush genetics from which she is derived have developed incredible resistance as well as spectacular purple hues. Purple Queen can tolerate high doses of fertilisers and will thrive in any growing system from organics to hydroponics.

Purple Queen Growing Information

Start your Purple Queen Feminised Seeds by looking over our germination guide. Retain the planting material wettish by adding water, however do not let it get marshy.

Supply the sprouts with sunlight as soon as they’ve popped up. Feed plant nutrients immediately after Purple Queen has fulfilled its sprout development period.

Throughout the veg cycle, permit the plants to prosper and create greenery. Periodic inspection and pest management will contribute to a triumphant Mary Jane grow.

The flowers are finished after a budding phase of 49 – 56 days, completely caked in resin and enveloped in trichome crystals. This genetic variety is distinguished for its superior crop.

Purple Queen offers a gainful harvest of first-rate Mostly Indica nuggets that produce enjoyable senses.


Royal Queen Seeds

Flowering Time

49 – 56 days


Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani

Pack Size

1 Seed, 3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds

Flowering Type

Plant Height

Indoors: 80 – 120 cm; Outdoors: 175 – 210 cm

THC Content