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Puff Mints Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Puff Mints Feminised Seeds on the world wide web directly from Perfect Tree Seeds with speedy and private shipment to any geographical location.

Puff Mints is a prominent ganja breed up for sale as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds spring up exclusively female marihuana reefer plants while common seeds grow masculine and female marihuana herbs at about balanced proportions.

The flowering pattern of Puff Mints is Photoperiod. Auto weed variances bloom notwithstanding daylight cycle whereas regular photoperiod genetics grow in accordance to light hours.

The Kush Mints F2 x Jet A (reversed) genes of Puff Mints transfer the supreme traits to this marijuana variety. The final product has phenomenal terpene medleys that bring forth unreal odors and tastes.

Bagging Puff Mints Feminised Seeds by Perfect Tree Seeds enables you to produce this impressive cannabis breed in your residence or wherever you wish. The grade of the product is splendid.

Your Puff Mints Feminised Seeds are expeditiously sent in merely a short number of days from buying these weed seeds online. The seeds are carefully encased for supreme privacy.

Numerous shoppers judge Starseeds as the perfect ganja seed bank to secure Perfect Tree Seeds strains at the best price point. We put up simple methods of payment on top of assured concealed shipping to all countries anywhere on earth.

As the first-class seed store for uncommon ganja seeds, Starseeds is faithful to buyer gratification. Do get in touch with our pleasant customer service should you require any support getting Puff Mints Feminised Seeds on the web.

Puff Mints Breeder Description

Puff Mints is an easy to grow, indica-dominant strain bred from Kush Mints F2 (Seed Junky) with Perfect Tree’s own reversed Jet A male. The selected Kush Mints F2 was especially frosted making Puff Mints an extract maker’s dream strain.

Puff MInts is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Indoor flowering times are approximately 8 weeks while plants grown outdoors in northern atitudes will be ready to be harvested at the beginning of October. Yields are good from small to medium-sized plants that have a very stocky structure. There are two main phenos that arise from growing this strain; one dark green and the other dark purple.

The flavour profile is sweet and creamy with heavy fuel notes. The effect is deeply relaxing but well-balanced without any knock-out couch-lock sensations.

Puff Mints Growing Information

Start your Puff Mints Feminised Seeds by studying our germination guide. Sustain the growth substrate wettish by provisioning water, although do not let it get swampy.

Bestow the plants with illumination promptly after they’ve popped up. Deliver plant food right after Puff Mints has ended its sapling development period.

Within the vegetative phase, bring your cannabis plants to grow and establish leafage. Regular supervising and IPM will facilitate a fruitful MJ seed grow.

The nuggets are finalized succeeding a blooming time of 56 days, totally dripping in resin and masked in THC crystals. This weed variety is highly regarded for its splendid results.

Puff Mints gives a special Medium – High harvest of terrific Mostly Indica flowers that deliver gratifying Balanced, Body, Relaxing stones.


Perfect Tree Seeds


Balanced, Body, Relaxing

Flowering Time

56 days


Kush Mints F2 x Jet A (reversed)

Flowering Type


Grows Indoors, Grows Outdoors

Pack Size

6 Seeds


Medium – High