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Medical Mass CBD Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Medical Mass CBD Feminised Seeds on-line right away from Royal Queen Seeds with speedy and tactful distribution to any global destination.

Medical Mass CBD is a treasured cannabis phenotype up for sale as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds grow exclusively female ganja weed flowers however common seeds offer masculine and female ganja herbs at close to split percentages.

The flowering form of Medical Mass CBD is Photoperiod. Automatic ganja variations bloom without consideration of light hours whilst photo-type phenotypes grow in accord to day length.

The Critical Mass x Medical Madre (Royal Highness x Royal Medic) genes of Medical Mass CBD bring out the bestest merits to this marijuana strain. The outcome has extraordinary terpene compositions that create magnificent fragrances and qualities.

Bagging Medical Mass CBD Feminised Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds grants you the power to raise this wonderful cannabis phenotype in your home or in whatever place. The caliber of the end product is remarkable.

Your Medical Mass CBD Feminised Seeds are expeditiously expedited in only a small number of days from buying these ganja seeds on the internet. The seeds are carefully encased for optimal stealth.

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Medical Mass CBD Breeder Description

Medical Mass CBD is an enjoyable, low THC strain with good indoor and outdoor yields. Most strains with low THC contents have less of a psychoactive effect on users, making them better choices for people seeking medical treatment and pain relief without an accompanying high. Even without the strong psychoactive effects that other strains have, it is a pleasurable strain that medical users can savour. Two of its genetic components, Royal Medic and Royal Highness, get consistently high reviews for their pain-suppressing effects.

Flavour wise, this strain has a deep, rich, almost honey like sweetness to it, accompanied by a bouquet of complex aromas. It isn’t cloying or overpoweringly skunky, so even users who aren’t deliberately seeking out a low THC strain for medicinal purposes will still get a lot of enjoyment out of these buds.

Critical Mass is recommended for anyone from inexperienced to advanced growers, and this hybrid is pretty similar in that regard. This strain of medical marijuana is a good choice for most growers, no matter whether they are working with a tightly controlled indoor grow room or an outdoor growing set up. Its relatively short growth habit (from 0.6 metres up to about a metre in height) makes it a very manageable plant for indoor growers that don’t have a lot of space to devote to a large grow room, and its indoor yield is well within the 500-550 grams per square metre range. Plants that are grown outdoors can reach from between a metre up to around a metre and a half, and yield about 500-550 grams per plant dried. No matter how it’s grown, this plant offers a good yield in a small space.

This strain has a fairly short flowering time of between 7 to 8 weeks, and can be harvested outdoors around the end of September. This short flowering time, short growth habit, and low THC levels make this strain just about ideal for medical cannabis users who are looking to grow their own medicine on a consistent basis. Growers who want to get the most out of this strain of cannabis’ healing and pain relieving properties may want to harvest their plants a bit late in their flowering period, to maximise the buds’ ratio of CBD to THC.

Overall, Medical Mass CBD is a very good new strain that comes from a really solid background. It smells good, it tastes good, it has a short flowering time, and it should be easy for most growers to handle in terms of both size and care. Users who want to avoid very psychoactive, high THC strains will love this one, and users who are looking to medicate should definitely give it a go.

Medical Mass CBD Growing Information

Begin your Medical Mass CBD Feminised Seeds by reviewing our germination guide. Keep the soil or media moistened by provisioning water, nevertheless do not let it get waterlogged.

Bestow the weeds with light promptly after they’ve started growing. Grant fert once Medical Mass CBD has concluded its sprout growing period.

In the vegetative growth phase, bring your canna plants to expand and create in size. Recurrent reviewing and nutrient application will insure a booming pot grow.

The nugs are done after a bloom phase of 7-8 weeks, thoroughly sticky and topped in THC crystals. This weed variety is venerated for its marvelous performance.

Medical Mass CBD provides a rewarding production of top-shelf Indica / Sativa buds that produce delightful sentiments.


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