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Barney's Farm

LSD Auto Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy LSD Auto Feminised Seeds over the web right now from Barney’s Farm with swift and safe delivery to any place worldwide.

LSD Auto is a celebrated marijuana variety on sale as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds grow purely feminine canna cannabis flowers while common seeds provide masculine and feminine canna greens at approximately equal ratios.

The flowering class of LSD Auto is Autoflowering. Auto dope strains bloom careless of day length whereas ordinary photo-period phenotypes grow in accordance to daylight cycle.

The LSD x Super Magnum Auto heritage of LSD Auto add the finest properties to this weed strain. The final product has prodigious terpene compositions that provide awesome odors and qualities.

Obtaining LSD Auto Feminised Seeds by Barney’s Farm empowers you to raise this wonderful weed variety inside, outdoors, or anyplace else. The value of the finished crop is extraordinary.

Your LSD Auto Feminised Seeds are speedily sent in only a small number of days since buying these dope seeds on the internet. The seeds are cautiously wrapped for peak secrecy.

Scores of purchasers judge Starseeds as the perfect seedbank to procure Barney’s Farm stock at the best price point. We put up easy means of payment on top of reliable private distribution to all spots anywhere in the world.

As the top-notch seed distributor for phenomenal marijuana seeds, Starseeds is bound to client happiness. Just email our sociable customer care if you happen to desire any support obtaining LSD Auto Feminised Seeds online.

LSD Auto Breeder Description

We are over the moon to be able to announce the arrival of our LSD AUTO™. A crossing of our legendary LSD with our monster auto-flowering lineage.

LSD AUTO™ really packs a punch and will quickly send you flying into another dimension with a crackle. LSD AUTO™ comes on fast as right before you reality starts to distort into a pulsing psychedelic painting. This is not a strain to be recommended for beginners.

Despite her powerful effect, she’s simple to grow and anybody can take advantage of this super speedy route to some seriously mind bending genetics. Let her pungent power slice through your mind and soul – why don’t you take a trip down LSD avenue with LSD AUTO™?

LSD Auto Growing Information

Sprout your LSD Auto Feminised Seeds by studying our germination guide. Have the growth substrate damp by issuing water, although do not let it get boggy.

Present the sprouts with lightening promptly after they’ve sprouted. Feed plant nutrients the moment that LSD Auto has fulfilled its germination growing stage.

Throughout the vegetative phase, help your dope plants to burst forth and generate greenery. Repeated reviewing and nutrient provision will establish a thriving MJ seed grow.

The budlets are done succeeding a budding time of 64 – 70 days from germination, utterly oozing with resin and coated in THC crystals. This chemovar is famed for its top-notch fruits.

LSD Auto produces a special production of divine Mostly Indica nugs that deliver nice moods.


Barney's Farm

Flowering Time

64 – 70 days from germination


LSD x Super Magnum Auto

Medical Properties

Yes but no specifics given.

Flowering Type

Pack Size

1 Seed, 3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds

Plant Height

90 – 120 cm.