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Karma Genetics

Lemon Tini Regular Seeds For Sale

Buy Lemon Tini Regular Seeds on-line this minute from Karma Genetics with rapid and inconspicuous distribution to any location across the globe.

Lemon Tini is a famed cannabis lineage on the open market as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds produce purely feminine cannabis plants yet common seeds bear pollinating and feminine trees at near level proportions.

The flowering nature of Lemon Tini is Photoperiod. Auto weed variations bloom ignoring day length whilst ordinary photo-period phenotypes react to lighting cycle.

The Lemon Tree x Karma Sour D BX3 #A2 lineage of Lemon Tini add the choicest features to this cannabis phenotype. The harvest has amazing terpene combinations that create remarkable scents and tastes.

Obtaining Lemon Tini Regular Seeds by Karma Genetics gives you the resources to tend this stunning cannabis lineage inside, outside, or wherever you wish. The worth of the finished product is remarkable.

Your Lemon Tini Regular Seeds are quickly expedited in only a couple days since paying for these weed seeds on the internet. The seeds are carefully encapsulated for the greatest secretiveness.

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Lemon Tini Breeder Description

Genetically, Lemon Tini was bred by Karma Genetic’s world-class breeding team: Lemon Tree x Karma Sour D BX3 #A2 is the exact lineage that produces this mouth-watering hybrid.

Legally-operating growers will enjoy prolific, fast-growing plants that begin flowering with a sizeable stretch. 70 -75 days is the optimum flowering time with Lemon Tini producing good amounts of resin as she finishes, making this strain a smart choice for legally-operating extraction artists – resin covers fan leaves and the tops such is the quantity produced.

Flavours and aromas are, to put it mildly, lemon-centric. The zesty gassy lemon aromas are simply exquisite and discerning connoisseurs will love the fusion of terpenes.

Lemon Tini, like most of Karma Genetics’ recent releases, is a very potent strain of cannabis that produces strong, euphoric effects.

Lemon Tini Growing Information

Spring up your Lemon Tini Regular Seeds by following our germination guide. Uphold the soil or media wettish by provisioning water, yet do not let it get too wet.

Supply the plants with illumination at the moment when they’ve begun to grow. Give plant fertilizer at the time that Lemon Tini has fulfilled its sprouting growing state.

Throughout the veg cycle, empower your canna plants to advance and create herbage. Periodic checking and IPM will insure a prosperous MJ patch.

The budlets are concluded after a budding period of 70 – 75 days, perfectly oozing with resin and coated in THC crystals. This genetic variety is famed for its fantastic finish.

Lemon Tini produces a productive harvest of high-grade Mostly Indica nugs that supply gratifying sentiments.


Karma Genetics

Flowering Time

70 – 75 days


Lemon Tree x Karma Sour D BX3 #A2

Pack Size

12 Seeds

Flowering Type