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Kullu Valley Regular Seeds For Sale

Buy Kullu Valley Regular Seeds on the world wide web pronto from Khalifa Genetics with rapid and stealthy delivery to any point across the world.

Kullu Valley is a honored cannabis lineage on sale as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds grow entirely female weed pot herbs however common seeds offer masculine and female weed greens at near level proportions.

The flowering variety of Kullu Valley is Photoperiod. Auto-flowering herb chemovars bloom ignoring lighting schedule whilst photo-periodic phenotypes answer to day length.

The Sativa landrace from the Kullu Valley, Himachel Pradesh, India genes of Kullu Valley add the elite excellences to this marijuana strain. The outcome has prodigious terps that bring forth magnificent fragrances and qualities.

Obtaining Kullu Valley Regular Seeds by Khalifa Genetics grants you the power to nurture this incredible marijuana lineage inside, outside, or in whatever place. The caliber of the matured crop is magnificent.

Your Kullu Valley Regular Seeds are quickly posted in only a handful of days following paying for these herb seeds on-line. The seeds are carefully packed for the best discretion.

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Kullu Valley Breeder Description

This Kullu Valley semi-wild landrace is an elegant and slender sativa plant, highly vigorous and with high mould resistance. Its herbal and spicy scent along with its soaring sativa effect more than compensate for its longer than average flowering time. Its slim structure and effects are reminiscent of the old Haze plant.

Plants are full of vigour and can get very tall unless growers know how to train it correctly with side-branches growing almost horizontally like a vine. To mitigate this, it is recommended to provide these plants with only 11 hours of light and 13 hours of darkness from the start of cultivation. Flowering takes 16 – 20 weeks

Plants are very easy to make clones (cuttings) from as they root in a week or less. Inter-nodal length is long but the gaps tend to close up as flowering really gets going. Buds are quite airy and produce a long-lasting, cerebral effect with a psychedelic energy and despite their medium THC content it can seem stronger than many strains with 20% THC production.

Kullu Valley Growing Information

Sprout your Kullu Valley Regular Seeds by following our germination guide. Have the growth media wet by applying water, yet do not let it get waterlogged.

Bestow the seeds with illumination at the moment when they’ve begun to grow. Feed plant nutrients after Kullu Valley has fulfilled its sapling development period.

Within the vegetative growth cycle, empower the dope plants to develop and gain vegetation. Habitual inspection and pest control strategies will assure a lucrative marijuana seed grow.

The nuggets are finished succeeding a bloom period of 112 – 140 days, totally soaked with resin and wrapped in crystals. This ganja variety is well respected for its top-shelf performance.

Kullu Valley brings in a lucrative crop of high-grade Sativa nuggets that produce gratifying senses.


Khalifa Genetics

Flowering Time

112 – 140 days


Sativa landrace from the Kullu Valley, Himachel Pradesh, India

Pack Size

12 Seeds

Flowering Type