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Kerala Chellakutti Regular Seeds For Sale

Buy Kerala Chellakutti Regular Seeds via the internet this instant from Khalifa Genetics with quick and safe shipment to anywhere in the world.

Kerala Chellakutti is a leading marijuana cultivar offered as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds grow entirely female weed dope flowers while common seeds yield masculine and female weed trees at practically level percentages.

The flowering pattern of Kerala Chellakutti is Photoperiod. Autoflower herb chemovars bloom undeterred by daylight time whilst regular photo-period varieties react to daylight time.

The South Indian landrace lineage of Kerala Chellakutti supply the ultimate excellences to this marijuana phenotype. The harvest has terrific terpene compositions that provide first-rate fragrances and qualities.

Scoring Kerala Chellakutti Regular Seeds by Khalifa Genetics enables you to crop this fantastic weed cultivar in your residence or in whatever area. The caliber of the yield is first-rate.

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Kerala Chellakutti Breeder Description

Kerala Chellakutti is an increasingly rare landrace sativa from the Southwestern Ghats of Kerala, near the border with Tamil Nadu in southern India, a remote mountainous region. It is a highly mould-resistant, cerebral strain that can withstand dry, wet, warm and hot climate conditions.

Kerala Chellakutti is a long-flowering strain that takes between 18 – 25 weeks to finish flowering. It is ideally suited to the heat and humidity of a greenhouse and experienced growers will also get great results indoors with patience. It is recommended to provide 11 hours of light per 24 which will help flowering to establish quite early and also help to keep its height under some constraint. Yields are average. Unlike most other South Indian varieties Kerala Chellakutti isn’t fruity but rather spicy, Haze-y and metallic in flavour.

The effect is expansive and long-lasting appearing to be without either ceiling or any associated ‘come down’ tiredness or sense of lethargy.

Pure South Indian landraces are becoming rare due to the combined influences of eradication programmes, urbanisation and the introduction of non-native, faster-flowering varieties. These seeds are preserved to mitigate this and prevent the loss of heirloom varieties to history.

A process of controlled open pollination allowed unstable and hermaphroditic plants to be removed from the pool from which these seeds have been produced.

Kerala Chellakutti Growing Information

Begin your Kerala Chellakutti Regular Seeds by following our germination guide. Keep the soil or media wet by applying water, except do not let it get marshy.

Bestow the seeds with lightening immediately after they’ve started growing. Provide fert the moment that Kerala Chellakutti has concluded its sprout development stage.

During the course of the veg phase, empower the weed plants to develop and generate foliage. Regular reviewing and TLC will facilitate a prosperous reefer grow.

The nuggets are harvestable after a blooming time of 126 – 175 days, entirely sticky and enveloped in crystals. This chemovar is well respected for its fantastic finish.

Kerala Chellakutti gives a rewarding harvest of chronic Sativa flowers that deliver pleasing touches.


Khalifa Genetics

Flowering Time

126 – 175 days


South Indian landrace

Pack Size

12 Seeds

Flowering Type