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Moroccan Beldia Regular Seeds For Sale

Buy Moroccan Beldia Regular Seeds on the world wide web promptly from Khalifa Genetics with rapid and stealthy shipment to any part of the globe.

Moroccan Beldia is a famous ganja cultivated variety up for sale as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds germinate purely feminine ganja ganja flowers yet common seeds offer pollinating and feminine ganja herbs at approximately split proportions.

The flowering nature of Moroccan Beldia is Photoperiod. Auto-flowering dope types bloom heedless of daylight time whilst photoperiodic strains answer to day length.

The Moroccan Landrace heritage of Moroccan Beldia impart the bestest attributes to this marijuana variety. The finished product has astounding terpene medleys that result in sensational fragrances and essences.

Buying Moroccan Beldia Regular Seeds by Khalifa Genetics gives you the resources to cultivate this astonishing marijuana cultivated variety indoors, outdoors, or wherever you demand. The grade of the end product is outstanding.

Your Moroccan Beldia Regular Seeds are rapidly mailed in merely a small number of days from paying for these dope seeds in real time. The seeds are inconspicuously wrapped up for the greatest privacy.

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Moroccan Beldia Breeder Description

Moroccan Beldia, also known as Kief, is the pure, old school strain grown in the Rif mountains of Morocco. This landrace strain was used since the 1960s to produce the old-school Moroccan hashish. Before that the flowers were smoked locally as ‘Kif’. Moroccan Beldia is a fast-flowering sativa strain that withstands harsh and arid conditions whilst also being an easy plant to grow indoors.

This Moroccan Beldia line was collected in Chefchaouen province at a latitude of 35° N, where this 800 year old is still cultivated although it is now disappearing fast as modern hybrids take over. Three generations of ‘open pollination’ resulted in the seeds that Khalifa Genetics offers.

Few side-branches develop making it suitable for the SoG method. Indoors, flowering takes between 7 – 9 weeks. These hardy plants thrive on a low nutrient regime and plants grown in soil should be watered sparsely. Outdoors in the northern hemisphere harvest will be between late August and late September and yields are said to be medium both indoors and out..

A sweet, floral smoke with notes of mint and spice. Its effect is happy, focused, clear-headed and relaxing.

Moroccan Beldia Growing Information

Spring up your Moroccan Beldia Regular Seeds by checking out our germination guide. Uphold the growing media wettish by supplying water, except do not let it get swampy.

Supply the sprouts with lightening when they’ve begun to grow. Feed nutes at the time that Moroccan Beldia has concluded its sprouting growing stage.

Throughout the vegetative growth period, help the ganja plants to prosper and earn greenery. Repeated watching and pest management will foster a prosperous marijuana grow.

The nuggets are done succeeding a bloom time of 49 – 63 days, totally plastered with resin and topped in trics. This cultivar is esteemed for its splendid fruits.

Moroccan Beldia provides a fruitful harvest of marvelous Sativa nuggets that deliver enjoyable sensations.


Khalifa Genetics

Flowering Time

49 – 63 days


Moroccan Landrace

Pack Size

12 Seeds

Flowering Type