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Critical Purple Kush Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Critical Purple Kush Feminised Seeds though cyberspace without delay from Seedsman with prompt and stealth delivery to anywhere in the world.

Critical Purple Kush is a famed ganja variety available to purchase as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds develop entirely female canna ganja flowers yet common seeds offer masculine and female canna herbs at about split proportions.

The flowering nature of Critical Purple Kush is Photoperiod. Auto ganja variations bloom careless of lighting cycle whilst conventional photo-period phenotypes grow in response to lighting schedule.

The Blueberry x Critical x Peyote Purple heritage of Critical Purple Kush contribute the bestest aspects to this weed chemovar. The crop has astounding terpene combinations that provide divine scents and tastes.

Scoring Critical Purple Kush Feminised Seeds by Seedsman grants you the resources to crop this impressive weed variety in your residence or any place at all. The standard of the matured crop is remarkable.

Your Critical Purple Kush Feminised Seeds are promptly expedited in only a couple days from buying these ganja seeds electronically. The seeds are secretly packed for the greatest stealth.

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Critical Purple Kush Breeder Description

A true strain for the cannabis connoisseur, Critical Purple Kush has an unrivalled genetic lineage, consisting of Blueberry, Critical and Peyote Purple.

This indica dominant strain has all of the best characteristics of its parents;

From its Blackberry lineage, Critical Purple Kush has retained the fruity aromas and long-lasting euphoric effects so often associated with this classic strain.

The behaviour of this strain during cultivation is very similar to that of its Critical parent, although this variety is slightly ganglier in appearance.

Finally, from its Peyote Purple lineage, Critical Purple Kush retains the stunning purple colours and the high-THC content.

Suitable for all grow media and environments, this strain performs especially well outdoors where its purple colours are accentuated gloriously.

Critical Purple Kush Growing Information

Sprout your Critical Purple Kush Feminised Seeds by checking out our germination guide. Sustain the potting mix wet by supplying water, except do not let it get boggy.

Endow the weeds with light the moment that they’ve begun to grow. Feed plant food the moment that Critical Purple Kush has finalized its sapling growing state.

Throughout the veg stage, empower the plants to thrive and earn vegetation. Regular checkup and integrated pest management will foster a productive marijuana seed grow.

The budlets are done after a bloom phase of 60 – 65 days, completely hashy and wrapped in sugar crystals. This cannabis strain is valued for its top-shelf output.

Critical Purple Kush brings in a gratifying harvest of terrific Mostly Indica nugs that supply delightful senses.



CBD Content

0 – 1%

Flowering Time

60 – 65 days


Blueberry x Critical x Peyote Purple

Flowering Type

Medical Properties


Pack Size

1 Seed, 3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds

Plant Height

250 – 300 cm

THC Content

15 – 20%