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CBD #1 Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy CBD #1 Feminised Seeds via the internet promptly from Ace Seeds with rapid and cautious shipment to any location across the globe.

CBD #1 is a famous cannabis genetic on the open market as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds spring up entirely feminine cannabis dope flowers however common seeds offer masculine and feminine cannabis bushes at virtually uniform percentages.

The flowering order of CBD #1 is Photoperiod. Auto-flowering marijuana species bloom without respect to lighting hours whilst standard photo-period varieties grow in response to light hours.

The (Cannatonic S1/ErdPurt) x Cannatonic S1 lineage of CBD #1 contribute the choice characteristics to this marijuana chemovar. The final product has extraordinary terpene compositions that make great fragrances and qualities.

Picking up CBD #1 Feminised Seeds by Ace Seeds grants you the power to crop this stunning weed genetic indoors, outside, or wherever you require. The nature of the end product is remarkable.

Your CBD #1 Feminised Seeds are rapidly expedited in only a couple of days following buying these marijuana seeds on the internet. The seeds are carefully wrapped for maximal privacy.

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As the chief seedbank for unique cannabis seeds, Starseeds is dedicated to shopper gratification. Do email our sociable customer care when you want any help obtaining CBD #1 Feminised Seeds on the web.

CBD #1 Breeder Description

CBD #1 is the result of 3 years of hard work and, with laboratory assistance at each breeding step, we finally offer this, the first ACE Seeds strain where all plants produce a stable chemotype with high CBD content (between 13-17%), very low THC content (between 0.6-0.7%) and a cannabinoid ratio with more than 20 times CBD than THC, the result of breeding a Cannatonic S1 of very high CBD content with the Afghan ErdPurt, also rich in CBD.

CBD #1 produces dense and super-sticky buds of medium size and very good bag appeal, extremely rich in oils, resins and terpenes. The amount of resin is truly extraordinary, with the sugar leaves becoming completely covered with trichomes, almost as much as the flowers themselves, making this variety an excellent choice to produce hashish and other high quality, high-CBD extractions.

The terpene profile is incredibly intense, complex and refined, a perfectly balanced blend of the very strong and dominant sweet ripe tangerine and tropical fruit terpenes of Cannatonic, with elaborated sweet, floral, gummy, earthy, piney and musky details of the ErdPurt Afghani, and a super pleasant and long-lasting hashish aftertaste. Undoubtedly, one of our most fragrant strains with some of the highest terpene levels.

It produces a very mild effect, with hardly any psychoactivity (due to its high CBD/very low THC content) and high medicinal value that relieves both physical pain and mental discomfort (stress, anxiety, paranoia). Especially suitable for those people who seek medicinal effects but have low tolerance to THC, yet still want to enjoy the best terpenes and resins of the highest quality cannabis.

CBD #1 Growing Information

Spring up your CBD #1 Feminised Seeds by looking over our germination guide. Keep the growth media damp by provisioning water, although do not let it get boggy.

Supply the plants with light as soon as they’ve sprouted. Give fert after CBD #1 has ended its sprout development state.

Within the vegetative growth cycle, help the ganja plants to increase and establish leafage. Repeated supervision and fertilization will insure a triumphant Mary Jane nursery.

The budlets are finished growing after a flowering phase of 49 – 56 days, wholly dripping in resin and shielded in trics. This marijuana strain is valued for its fabulous output.

CBD #1 offers a special harvest of top-grade Mostly Sativa nuggets that provoke gratifying stones.


Ace Seeds

CBD Content

13 – 17%

Flowering Time

49 – 56 days


(Cannatonic S1/ErdPurt) x Cannatonic S1

Flowering Type

Medical Properties


Pack Size

1 Seed, 3 Seeds, 5 Seeds

THC Content

0.6 – 0.7%