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Auto White Skunk Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Auto White Skunk Feminised Seeds on the information superhighway right now from White Label Seed Company with speedy and stealth distribution to anywhere on the world map.

Auto White Skunk is a prized marijuana cultivated variety available to purchase as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds produce purely feminine canna ganja herbs while common seeds provide pollinating and feminine canna greenery at approximately split ratios.

The flowering class of Auto White Skunk is Autoflowering. Autoflower herb variations bloom notwithstanding lighting cycle whereas photo-periodic cultivars react to light schedule.

The lineage of Auto White Skunk transfer the bestest virtues to this cannabis phenotype. The outcome has wonderful terps that create unreal scents and qualities.

Procuring Auto White Skunk Feminised Seeds by White Label Seed Company authorizes you to raise this awesome cannabis cultivated variety in your residence or wherever you desire. The class of the end product is incredible.

Your Auto White Skunk Feminised Seeds are rapidly shipped in merely a number of days from buying these herb seeds on the internet. The seeds are secretly bundled for optimal stealth.

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Auto White Skunk Breeder Description

For many years now, White Skunk has proved itself an excellent all-round strain for new growers. The original was designed to give novices top quality genetics at a very affordable price, and the tradition continues with White Skunk Automatic. These feminized cannabis seeds grow tough, autoflowering Skunk plants whose buds are coated in white resin crystals.
Due to the vigour, yield and potency of Skunk varieties, they are often recommended to first time growers who are looking for quick, rewarding, easy-growing cannabis seeds. The only down-side to the average Skunk variety is that they can release quite a strong aroma when grown indoors. White Skunk Automatic, just like original White Skunk, does not have this problem. Even when flowering indoors, plants produce a low growing odour that’s easy to manage and is no more pervasive than the smell of an average sativa-indica hybrid.
Most Skunks are easy to grow indoors with lights or outdoors in the sun in warmer climates. The autoflowering ability allows White Label White Skunk Automatic strain to grow in almost any environment, including cool northern latitudes with short or unpredictable summers. The Ruderalis genes which give this strain its autoflowering ability also offer significant protection against fungus in humid or wet summers.
White Skunk Automatic has an overall cultivation time of under 100 days (12 to 14 weeks). Plants spend the first six weeks of this time in vegetative growth, mostly gaining height. In this period, bright light and long days are preferable to promote fast, vigorous development.
Around the time plants have produced their 8th to 10th pair of full sized, 5-bladed leaves, the first signs of flowering should be visible. White Skunk Automatic plants begin flowering by their own internal clock and are not dependent on photoperiod (hours of light per day) to start and continue their blooming phase. Flowering continues for 6 to 8 weeks, at which point the buds should be at their ripest. Mature plants typically range in size from 80 to 110cm.
White Skunk Automatic produces its largest buds, and thus the majority of its yield, on the main stem. Some growers choose to prune branches on the lower half of their plants in order to encourage more yield on the central cola and to save space, allowing indoor plants to grow closer together.

Due to its compact final size, the top half of well-grown White Skunk Automatic plants are often made up of a single solid, fragrant, resin-covered cola at harvest time!

Most varieties within the Skunk family are indica-dominant with a sativa influence that can range from recessive to almost half. The buds of White Skunk Automatic show more tropical influence than most Skunks, with large, oval calyxes and a relatively open formation. This gives the flower clusters more surface area for potent resin glands to sprout.
Central colas harvested from mature plants are long and finely structured, while still retaining and expressing their dependable indica background. This means that they remain solid and sticky after drying, rather than becoming light and feathery as with some sativa-heavy hybrids. Weight for weight, the buds of White Skunk Automatic can produce as much resin as a high performance strain such as Super Skunk.

White Skunk Automatic is also distinct from other Skunk strains because of its rich and complex bouquet. Dried buds have a sharp, bitter-orange scent that´s reminiscent of a fine liqueur, with undertones that suggest dark chocolate and a trace of classic Skunk pungency.
Containing high levels of THC combined with a good proportion of CBD, White Skunk Automatic is suitable as a recreational or a medicinal cannabis strain (except for medical users seeking a variety with minimal psychoactive effects). The high is powerful and long-lasting, with a warm and relaxing bodily effect from this strain’s indica ancestry, plus a happy – and often giggly – cerebral lift from the sativa side.

White Label call White Skunk Automatic an all-purpose feminized cannabis seed strain because it can grow virtually anywhere, flowers automatically and suits a wide range of applications. They also call it an all-rounder because its ease of cultivation and affordable price allows absolutely anyone to grow their own connoisseur-quality cannabis with a minimum of difficulty. Choose White Skunk Automatic feminized cannabis seeds for the best combination of price, performance and power!

Auto White Skunk Growing Information

Sprout your Auto White Skunk Feminised Seeds by studying our germination guide. Retain the growth media wet by issuing water, yet do not let it get too wet.

Endow the saplings with sunlight immediately after they’ve sprouted. Give plant food as soon as Auto White Skunk has finalized its sprout growing cycle.

Through the veg stage, support the ganja plants to increase and gain greenery. Regular checkup and caretaking will contribute to a booming weed grow.

The nuggets are finished growing succeeding a budding phase, entirely resinous and masked in frost. This weed variety is respected for its excellent bag appeal.

Auto White Skunk brings in a noteworthy production of chronic Mostly Indica nugs that deliver pleasing feelings.


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