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Amnesika 2.0 Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Amnesika 2.0 Feminised Seeds on the world wide web this instant from Philosopher Seeds with expeditious and stealth distribution to any point across the world.

Amnesika 2.0 is a distinguished marijuana phenotype retailed as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds grow purely feminine cannabis pot plants however common seeds bear masculine and feminine cannabis herbs at just about equal proportions.

The flowering form of Amnesika 2.0 is Photoperiod. Auto weed chemovars bloom without respect to daylight time whereas standard photoperiod phenotypes react to light schedule.

The Super Silver x G13 Haze x Skunk genes of Amnesika 2.0 transfer the greatest characteristics to this weed species. The matured crop has astonishing terps that bring forth excellent scents and qualities.

Acquiring Amnesika 2.0 Feminised Seeds by Philosopher Seeds gives you the power to crop this astonishing cannabis phenotype in your residence or wherever you wish. The class of the product is outstanding.

Your Amnesika 2.0 Feminised Seeds are promptly sent in only a short number of days from paying for these weed seeds electronically. The seeds are secretly encapsulated for peak concealment.

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Amnesika 2.0 Breeder Description

This variety was created from a selection of Amnesia Haze with a genetic part of a really stable Skunk, which helps stabilizing it and making its flavor a little sweeter.

It’s a versatile seed really well adapted to indoors.

In the first case, we will give the plants three weeks of vegetative growing, while in the second you could wait up to 5 weeks. The optimum moment for harvesting – indoors – is between 55 and 65 days, depending on the needs of the grower.

If Amnesika 2.0 is cultivated outdoors, it becomes a plant that can reach a big size – in case of being grown directly in-ground it can easily reach 2m.

If cultivated in spring, it will be harvested after the first fortnight of October. If you choose to grow Amnesika 2.0, either indoors or outdoors, you will enjoy a true champion plant in every sense: ease of cultivation, bud production and density, resin production, flavor and effect.,

The taste that this variety offers is completely different to other strains with Haze genetics, since the traditional hazelnut and nut flavor that already dominated in the first Amnesika has been complemented with Skunk notes, that perfectly combine with it.

The effect of this variety puts you in a good mood, being suitable for developing any kind of activity like DIY, cooking, reading, etc.

Amnesika 2.0 Growing Information

Spring up your Amnesika 2.0 Feminised Seeds by looking over our germination guide. Uphold the growth media moistened by issuing water, however do not let it get waterlogged.

Present the seeds with sunlight the moment that they’ve started to grow. Feed plant nutrients immediately after Amnesika 2.0 has finished its sapling growing period.

Within the veg phase, support your dope plants to thrive and generate in size. Periodic supervision and TLC will assure a productive pot nursery.

The nugs are completed growing after a flowering period of 8-9 weeks, wholly laded with resin and enclosed in trichome crystals. This cultivar is distinguished for its supreme finish.

Amnesika 2.0 gives a noteworthy harvest of terrific Mostly Sativa buds that supply nice sentiments.


Philosopher Seeds

Flowering Time

8-9 weeks


Super Silver x G13 Haze x Skunk

Pack Size

3 Seeds, 5 Seeds

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