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last night i did not start dreaming until around 5 am last i woke to go to the bathroom. my dream was full of odd randomness. i remember the beginning of the dream being very cold and winter. where running around and i had to help them i was to help escort people who where human around a mountain and ocean area. there was other too to help. we ended up in this area that had a lot of rainbow crystals, mammoths,dinosaurs, and some ets walking around. some the tall blond haired ones, some had a gray body type. they were green. escorting people to finally to the what looked like a navy carrier ship. a huge wave came and engulfed it washing people away. the team and i turned into dinosaurs to help rescue the over board people. i did not turn into anything until i fell under the ship. it was odd because under the carrier ship was a sunken city. i held my breath to the max as i was fighting to get out of the under tow current to reach the surface. i turned into a pterodactyl like creature and glided threw the water easily making my way to a area i thought would have underwater air pocket. then i turned into a tiny version no more than a penny sized. squeezed into the area but it was just water.. i came back out and returned to my humanoid form. at this point i had to relax as i was out of air and my body burned. as i relaxed to be one with my self to think i heard a voice ask me if i had given up and was just going to drowned. i said no i am just thinking. i remembered a spell a dragon taught me about water breathing and tried to cast it. however i felt a outward presence trying to stop me and asked for a scientific explanation as to why it would work. i though it out in my head quickly and then it let me manipulate the environment around me to do so. i felt all around me as i took the oxygen atoms in the water and my own energy field as gravity. i brought it to me creating a bubble of air around my body so i could breath. i left my legs out so i could swim better. after i got back to the ship carrier i was asked questions by officers. how i survived? what did i see down there bellow the ship? we where in a area with food and looked like a meeting room common area. to well furnished to be a carrier ship. after that my dream switched to being on a bus with other grown men no women. they where all dressed like it was a hard winter. the buss suddenly took off upwards and next i know i was in just blackness. i wen tot the buss driver who looked human but i could tell was not and asked where they going? the buss driver smiled in a way i did not like and i ran to the door prying it open. the buss door shocked the crap out of me but i was grounding the energy then made a force field around me to reflect it back to the door and over loaded it. i knew it was going to happen as i got sucked out holding on to the buss door entrance. the driver asked if it was worth being sucked into the unknown. i though about it for a minute weighing my options. i could let go and use the world tree to get back to where ever it is i wanted to go or get back on the buss and ride it out. i tried to get my self in physically but it did not work as the gravity was too intense, i tried to create a energy platform for me to push off of but a voice said that would not work do to i was moving at to high a velocity. i told the voice gravity and speed in space is irrelevant . i tried to create energy to surrounded my self and push me back in the buss which i tried and was starting to work. i felt that presence again from last time when i was in the water. asking me again how this scientifically worked. i told him i would create energy ...i said gravity is equivalent to the amount of source energy to the object from which it is drawing. time only effects that item on the dimension it is vibrating even if its on multiple dimensions. time is also only equivalent to ones self. i felt the being trying to stop me getting back in the buss when i "woke up" to see several ets around me and a familiar face of ancwer. i asked why i was being used in a simulation again when the contract was suposta be done by now. he smiled saying the government wanted more testing done. and that i was not in my original body only in a blank body. my matrix subconscious was to be downloaded into the blank their for not violating any contracts. ( i call bs but) he said i have caught the attention of more than just one group of the goverment and they wanted to see what iam capible of doing now that i am almost done..

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