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Wreckage Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Wreckage Feminised Seeds though cyberspace this instant from T.H. Seeds with prompt and inconspicuous delivery to any location across the globe.

Wreckage is a famed ganja genetic retailed as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds germinate exclusively feminine pot flowers yet common seeds grow masculine and feminine plant life at roughly equal percentages.

The flowering pattern of Wreckage is Photoperiod. Autoflower herb cultivars bloom without consideration of day length whilst photo-period phenotypes grow in response to lighting hours.

The heritage of Wreckage contribute the ultimate natures to this cannabis species. The crop has prodigious terpenes that make sensational odors and qualities.

Scoring Wreckage Feminised Seeds by T.H. Seeds gives you the ability to raise this wonderful cannabis genetic indoors, outside, or in whatever place. The excellence of the finished product is outstanding.

Your Wreckage Feminised Seeds are expeditiously mailed in merely a short number of days from paying for these herb seeds online. The seeds are carefully encapsulated for optimal secretiveness.

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Wreckage Breeder Description

Wreckage Feminized Weed Seeds by T.H.Seeds one of the oldest seed companies in Holland, established in 1993 THSeeds has established itself as a premier cannabis seeds supplier. Using only the finest marijuana genetics TH Seeds Seedbank has won numerous High Times Cannabis Cups across all categories. This is testament to the superior weed or pot seeds you will get from TH Seeds of Amsterdam.

A brand new Mix of two super hybrids. The world famous original Arcata TrainWreck and our #1 plant the S.A.G.E.

We have chosen these two due to their similarities and their differences; they both have beautiful uplifting sativa highs that the true connoisseur can fully appreciate. The growth on the other hand is quite different from o.g. TW is a spiny plant that can get quite unruly as she flowers giving your room the look of a real train-wreck, tops and branches everywhere. The S.A.G.E. with its Afghani bottom grounds the two and gives them incredible explosive growth and a beautiful indica influenced structure that will bring order to the often difficult TW line.

The menthol flavour of the o.g. TW and the spicy sandalwood flavour of the S.A.G.E. produce a flavour packed tongue numbing hit that will leave you wrecked.

Wreckage Growing Information

Spring up your Wreckage Feminised Seeds by studying our germination guide. Retain the planting mix damp by applying water, yet do not let it get too wet.

Present the saplings with sunlight right after they’ve popped up. Give fertilizer as soon as Wreckage has finished its germination growing stage.

Within the vegetative growth phase, empower your weed plants to prosper and establish leaves. Repeated checkup and support will encourage a prosperous pot grow.

The nuggets are harvestable after a bloom time of 8-9 weeks, thoroughly loaded with resin and buried in crystals. This ganja variety is revered for its splendid output.

Wreckage supplies a gratifying harvest of divine Mostly Indica flowers that deliver pleasing highs.


T.H. Seeds

Flowering Time

8-9 weeks

Pack Size

10 Seeds, 5 Seeds

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