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White Widow XXL Auto Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy White Widow XXL Auto Feminised Seeds on-line directly from Dinafem with prompt and stealthy delivery to any location around the world.

White Widow XXL Auto is a leading marijuana cultivar on the open market as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds germinate solely feminine reefer flowers while common seeds provide masculine and feminine bushes at virtually level ratios.

The flowering order of White Widow XXL Auto is Autoflowering. Automatic weed chemovars bloom ignoring light schedule whereas standard photo-period cultivars grow in response to light schedule.

The White Widow elite clone x White Widow Auto parents of White Widow XXL Auto bring out the choice natures to this cannabis chemovar. The matured crop has astonishing terpene medleys that create marvelous fragrances and tastes.

Scoring White Widow XXL Auto Feminised Seeds by Dinafem gives you the power to raise this extraordinary weed cultivar indoors, outdoors, or wherever you desire. The caliber of the product is outstanding.

Your White Widow XXL Auto Feminised Seeds are rapidly forwarded in only a couple of days since buying these weed seeds on the internet. The seeds are cautiously encased for peak discretion.

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White Widow XXL Auto Breeder Description

White Widow XXL Auto by Dinafem Seeds is an autoflowering Indica-dominant cannabis strain that results from the cross between a White Widow Autoflowering and their elite clone White Widow. It is a high-quality 3rd Generation autoflowering hybrid with which to obtain fast abundant crops and that has several therapeutic properties.

White Widow XXL Auto is the innovative evolution of their cannabis seed White Widow Auto. This marijuana strain develops fast-flowering, easy-to-grow, vigorous, short plants that yield large compact buds covered with plenty of resin glands. It has few leaves, which makes manicuring an easy task.

White Widow XXL Auto is the ideal marijuana plant for small indoor growing areas or to obtain crops that go unnoticed outdoors.

Its flavour and aroma have an intense quality, with bitter-sweet flowery notes. The effect is powerful, soothing and long lasting. It is the perfect cannabis strain for deep relaxation and for therapeutic use.

White Widow XXL Auto Growing Information

Begin your White Widow XXL Auto Feminised Seeds by looking over our germination guide. Keep the growing mix moistened by issuing water, yet do not let it get swampy.

Bestow the weeds with light right after they’ve sprouted. Deliver fert at the time that White Widow XXL Auto has finalized its sprout growing cycle.

Throughout the vegetative growth phase, help your canna plants to develop and gain foliage. Repeated supervising and fertilization will assure a booming herb seed grow.

The nugs are completed growing after a flowering phase of 80 days from germination, thoroughly laded with resin and coated in THC crystals. This genetic phenotype is loved for its fine bag appeal.

White Widow XXL Auto supplies a gratifying Medium production of divine Mostly Indica buds that deliver gratifying Long-lasting, Powerful, Relaxing, Soothing sentiments.




Long-lasting, Powerful, Relaxing, Soothing

Flowering Time

80 days from germination


White Widow elite clone x White Widow Auto

Flowering Type


Greenhouse, Grows Indoors, Grows Outdoors

Medical Properties

Yes, good for therapeutic use but no specifics given.

Pack Size

3 Seeds