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Homegrown Natural Wonders

Tardis Regular Seeds For Sale

Buy Tardis Regular Seeds over internet this minute from Homegrown Natural Wonders with prompt and stealthy transport to any point across the world.

Tardis is a valued marijuana cultivated variety available to purchase as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds grow exclusively feminine marijuana dope herbs however common seeds bear pollinating and feminine marijuana plant life at just about equal percentages.

The flowering pattern of Tardis is Photoperiod. Auto-flowering marijuana species bloom notwithstanding lighting schedule whereas photoperiodic varieties grow in response to lighting hours.

The Oregon Diesel X Timewreck heritage of Tardis transfer the ultimate natures to this weed chemovar. The matured crop has extraordinary terpenes that contribute sensational odors and tastes.

Bagging Tardis Regular Seeds by Homegrown Natural Wonders permits you to develop this stunning cannabis cultivated variety indoors, outside, or wherever you want. The class of the finished product is extraordinary.

Your Tardis Regular Seeds are promptly forwarded in merely a small number of days from buying these marijuana seeds online. The seeds are cautiously boxed for optimal discretion.

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Tardis Breeder Description

TARDIS is a mid-level THC strain with a well-rounded mix of cannabinoids, many of which research indicates have tumor fighting properties. This strain has a complex, satisfying taste and aroma built on a terpene profile seemingly designed to keep anxiety and pain at bay while still encouraging productivity. Used properly, TARDIS could be just the thing to help you keep track of everything that needs doing and, at the same time, stay calm and focused enough while you do it to get it all done, one thing at a time.

The energetic Sativa nature in the lineage of TARDIS is nicely toned down by the effects of some of the lesser-known cannabinoids this strain consistently has in its makeup. CBC has powerful pain- reducing and anti-inflammatory properties, and some research indicates that it is several times more effective at moderating stress and anxiety than CBD. CBG is likewise anti-inflammatory, as well as an antidepressant that promotes brain cell and bone growth, and has promising tumor-inhibiting properties. Finally, THCV is great at blocking and reducing panic attacks and tremors, and research indicates it helps reduce brain lesions and stimulate bone growth. Some of the terpenoids that contribute to TARDIS’s distinctive aroma are also great for helping to relax and avoid anxiety, including beta-myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene, linalool and azulene. Beta-myrcene, caryophyllene and limonene also appear to have cancer-fighting properties as well.

Tardis Growing Information

Spring up your Tardis Regular Seeds by following our germination guide. Have the potting mix wet by provisioning water, except do not let it get marshy.

Endow the saplings with illumination right after they’ve started growing. Grant nutes right after Tardis has finished its germination development state.

Through the vegetative period, empower your cannabis plants to prosper and generate leaves. Habitual supervision and care will guarantee a fruitful marijuana grow.

The flowers are harvestable after a blooming time of 56 – 63 days, totally dripping in resin and buried in trics. This cultivar is valued for its top-notch results.

Tardis gives a worthy production of glorious Mostly Indica flowers that produce delightful sentiments.


Homegrown Natural Wonders

Flowering Time

56 – 63 days


Oregon Diesel X Timewreck

Medical Properties

Anxiety, ADHD, depression, pain relief, nausea and difficulties related to chemo and radiation therapies, fighting tumors and cancer

Flowering Type

Pack Size

5 Seeds, 10 Seeds

Plant Height