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KC Brains

T.N.R Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy T.N.R Feminised Seeds on the web without delay from KC Brains with swift and secretive transport to any place around the world.

T.N.R is a honored cannabis lineage ready to buy as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds grow exclusively female ganja dope herbs while common seeds provide pollinating and female ganja herbs at almost equal percentages.

The flowering nature of T.N.R is Photoperiod. Auto-flowering marihuana chemovars bloom without regard to lighting cycle whilst photoperiodic strains answer to light schedule.

The heritage of T.N.R transfer the elite characteristics to this cannabis variety. The matured crop has amazing terpene combinations that provide awesome scents and qualities.

Scoring T.N.R Feminised Seeds by KC Brains enables you to develop this awesome marijuana lineage indoors, outside, or anyplace else. The excellence of the crop is remarkable.

Your T.N.R Feminised Seeds are speedily forwarded in only a number of days since buying these marihuana seeds on the internet. The seeds are inconspicuously packed for optimal secretiveness.

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T.N.R Breeder Description

T.N.R is a Thai based strain. KC Brains crossed her with KC2 and got a new very potent indica dominated seed. TNR seeds have been specially designed for outdoor. They are highly resistant to mushroom, pests and diseases, and produce plants with a very interesting look possesses characteristics of her both cannabis parents. These tiny cannabis seeds can turn into sativa looking giants of 4 m. high, producing huge colas under optimal conditions. Like any other indica, TNR grow faster and have a higher yield than the sativa variety. Her flowering period is just 9-12 weeks with an enormous yield of up to 1000 gr. per plant that can be harvested already in mid October! Medicine produced from cannabis indica plants have higher CBD and lower THC counts therefore a pure indica strain will produce a heavier, sleepy effect. What makes TNR special is her ability to grow perfectly well indoors. She is an ideal plant for beginners. As an indoor marijuana variety, her seed grows as tall as just 80 cm, still keeping plants resistant to mould and still producing a great yield of app. 150 gr. per plant. This variety is happy to grow in a group of greens, yet, it doesn’t mind at all to be potted as an individual plant. As both parents of this cannabis strain are very consistent, the offspring is very consistent too. Wherever you decide to grow your TNR marijuana, the result is great. She is easy flowering producing big, juicy flowers which turn buds covered with big crystals after a short flowering period. Pure Thai, sweet and spicy, aroma begin to spread shortly after flowering.

T.N.R Growing Information

Start your T.N.R Feminised Seeds by studying our germination guide. Keep the growing media wet by adding water, however do not let it get marshy.

Bestow the weeds with illumination right after they’ve started to grow. Deliver plant food right after T.N.R has concluded its germination development state.

In the vegetative phase, support your canna plants to grow and build vegetation. Repeated supervision and nutrient provision will guarantee a triumphant pot seed grow.

The flowers are concluded succeeding a bloom phase of 9 – 12 weeks, absolutely hashy and enclosed in THC crystals. This cannabis variety is respected for its first-rate crop.

T.N.R supplies a gainful crop of terrific Mostly Indica nuggets that deliver nice auras.


KC Brains

Flowering Time

9 – 12 weeks

Pack Size

5 Seeds

Plant Height

Indoors: 80 cm and Outdoors: up to 4 metres

Flowering Type

THC Content