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DNA Genetics

Skywalker Kush Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Skywalker Kush Feminised Seeds over the web without further ado from DNA Genetics with expeditious and secretive delivery to any destination on the map.

Skywalker Kush is a leading ganja breed on the market as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds produce solely feminine weed ganja plants yet common seeds yield masculine and feminine weed greenery at roughly uniform proportions.

The flowering variety of Skywalker Kush is Photoperiod. Auto weed variances bloom ignoring lighting schedule whilst conventional photo-period cultivars grow in accord to day length.

The Skywalker x OG Kush heritage of Skywalker Kush contribute the ultimate characteristics to this weed phenotype. The harvest has astonishing terpene combinations that contribute unreal odors and essences.

Scoring Skywalker Kush Feminised Seeds by DNA Genetics grants you the power to develop this mind-blowing marijuana breed indoors, outside, or wherever. The value of the crop is magnificent.

Your Skywalker Kush Feminised Seeds are rapidly expedited in only a number of days from paying for these weed seeds electronically. The seeds are secretly wrapped for optimal discretion.

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Skywalker Kush Breeder Description

When people ask for a good yielding OG Kush variety they are talking about the Skywalker Kush!

This is a very sought after clone in the States and now DNA Genetics are very proud to present this strain to the world. The Skywalker Kush tastes similar to their OG Kush, but the yield has increased a lot. The Skywalker Kush gives above average yields as well as having a great complex flavour.

With its high THC % The Skywalker Kush will produce big dense flowers with lots of resin, flowering in 9 weeks gives you the chance to have multiple high yielding crops a year. You can super-crop Skywalker Kush or you can “top” her either way she respond’s great and rewards you with exceptional herb.

Skywalker Kush Growing Information

Begin your Skywalker Kush Feminised Seeds by following our germination guide. Uphold the planting mix moistened by issuing water, although do not let it get boggy.

Bestow the saplings with sunlight the moment that they’ve sprouted. Provide plant feed once Skywalker Kush has concluded its sapling growing stage.

Within the veg phase, permit your weed plants to prosper and build in size. Periodic inspection and fertilization will facilitate a booming pot grow.

The budlets are finished growing after a budding period of 56 – 63 days, totally soaked with resin and shielded in trichome crystals. This cannabis variety is valued for its superior terps.

Skywalker Kush offers a rewarding production of glorious Mostly Indica nuggets that supply gratifying touches.


DNA Genetics

Flowering Time

56 – 63 days


Skywalker x OG Kush

Pack Size

6 Seeds, 3 Seeds

Flowering Type

THC Content

15 – 20%