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Sensi Skunk Auto Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Sensi Skunk Auto Feminised Seeds on the net pronto from Sensi Seeds with swift and secretive transport to anywhere in the world.

Sensi Skunk Auto is a prominent ganja genetic on sale as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds develop solely female ganja dope plants however common seeds bear masculine and female ganja greens at just about balanced proportions.

The flowering pattern of Sensi Skunk Auto is Autoflowering. Automatic marijuana chemovars bloom without respect to day length whilst ordinary photo-period cultivars answer to lighting schedule.

The Sensi Skunk x Ruderalis lineage of Sensi Skunk Auto lend the elite features to this weed strain. The harvest has wonderful terpene medleys that contribute superb scents and qualities.

Securing Sensi Skunk Auto Feminised Seeds by Sensi Seeds grants you the power to farm this spectacular marijuana genetic inside, outdoors, or wherever you want. The worth of the end product is top-notch.

Your Sensi Skunk Auto Feminised Seeds are speedily mailed in merely a number of days following buying these marijuana seeds on-line. The seeds are cautiously bundled for max concealment.

Heaps of buyers view Starseeds as the elite marijuana seed bank to procure Sensi Seeds wares at the most affordable rates. We put forward uncomplicated modes of payment together with reliable concealed transport to all points anywhere on the map.

As the greatest shop for special ganja seeds, Starseeds is pledged to purchaser fulfillment. Just email our warmhearted product service should you desire any support acquiring Sensi Skunk Auto Feminised Seeds on the web.

Sensi Skunk Auto Breeder Description

An astonishingly easy and rewarding feminized auto-flowering version of a trusted classic. Sensi Skunk Feminized Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds are the product of the ground-breaking crossing of Sensi Skunk and an exceptional Ruderalis breeding strain, to create a skunk plant unlike any other.

With the introduction of this feminized auto-flowering skunk plant, virtually all the hard work is taken out of the cultivation process, whether indoors, or outdoors in temperate to Mediterranean climates. The vegetation period naturally shifts into flowering after about five weeks without having to rely on a change in light cycles, and the obvious advantage of feminized seeds is not having to remove males! Sensi Skunk Feminized Auto-Flowering seeds produce vigorous female plants with a compact structure, short sturdy branches and copious bud production. The scent and flavour retain the mouth-watering characteristics of the original Sensi Skunk plant: a sweet, citrus burst that is remarkably different from regular skunk plants. In terms of effect, this is a strain that might surprise you.

Another key feature carried over from the regular Sensi Skunk is the forgiving nature of this cannabis strain. During both the growth and vegetation stages, Sensi Skunk Feminized Auto-Flowering plants are able to maintain a healthy, flourishing performance even when confronted with common growing problems. In short, a superb strain that probably couldn’t be easier to achieve great results with!

Sensi Skunk Auto Growing Information

Start your Sensi Skunk Auto Feminised Seeds by checking out our germination guide. Keep the planting material wet by provisioning water, except do not let it get boggy.

Present the saplings with lightening when they’ve sprouted. Grant plant fertilizer right after Sensi Skunk Auto has ended its sapling development stage.

Within the veg period, empower your ganja plants to prosper and build herbage. Regular observation and TLC will foster a triumphant herb nursery.

The nuggets are finished after a bloom time of 45 – 50 days, entirely soaked with resin and enveloped in kief. This genetic phenotype is revered for its excellent outcomes.

Sensi Skunk Auto offers a gainful crop of top-grade Mostly Indica nugs that supply pleasing perceptions.


Sensi Seeds

Flowering Time

45 – 50 days


Sensi Skunk x Ruderalis

Pack Size

3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds

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