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Red Afro Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Red Afro Feminised Seeds on-line at once from Tropical Seeds with prompt and tactful distribution to any place across the globe.

Red Afro is a famed cannabis cultivated variety on the open market as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds spring up purely feminine marijuana ganja flowers however common seeds give pollinating and feminine marijuana greenery at about level ratios.

The flowering nature of Red Afro is Photoperiod. Automatic marihuana types bloom careless of lighting cycle whereas photo-type varieties answer to light hours.

The (Swazi Polokwane x Pakistan Chitral Kush ) x Pakistan Chitral Kush heritage of Red Afro add the choicest merits to this marijuana strain. The harvest has terrific terpene medleys that provide remarkable scents and qualities.

Buying Red Afro Feminised Seeds by Tropical Seeds grants you the resources to tend this stunning marijuana cultivated variety indoors, outdoors, or in whatever area. The worth of the product is marvelous.

Your Red Afro Feminised Seeds are promptly sent in only a couple of days following buying these marihuana seeds in real time. The seeds are inconspicuously encapsulated for maximal covertness.

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Red Afro Breeder Description

Tropical Seeds tried to make a Swazi fit into an indica structure- size and short flowering period, with some big and more compact buds. To reach these goals they crossed Swazi with PCK, a fast, strong structured indica with some incredible purple and red colours in flower time. Colas are huge and compact in this hybrid, and colours are from red to purple in most of the plants.

Sure you´ve searched a strain that will hit you up at first and then leave you work and do your tasks during the day.

Red Afro Growing Information

Spring up your Red Afro Feminised Seeds by studying our germination guide. Keep the planting mix damp by supplying water, yet do not let it get swampy.

Present the saplings with brightness at the moment when they’ve sprouted. Provide fert the moment that Red Afro has finished its sprout growing state.

In the veg stage, empower the weed plants to grow and earn leaves. Repeated surveillance and support will encourage a thriving marijuana patch.

The budlets are done succeeding a flowering period of 65 – 75 days, entirely resiny and buried in kief. This genetic phenotype is distinguished for its superior quality.

Red Afro offers a gratifying crop of high-grade Mostly Indica nuggets that supply nice stones.


Tropical Seeds

Flowering Time

65 – 75 days


(Swazi Polokwane x Pakistan Chitral Kush ) x Pakistan Chitral Kush

Pack Size

3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds, 1 Seed

Flowering Type