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Pineapple Dynamite Limited Edition Regular Seeds For Sale

Buy Pineapple Dynamite Limited Edition Regular Seeds over internet this minute from Lineage Genetics with expeditious and safe shipment to any geographical location.

Pineapple Dynamite Limited Edition is a prized marijuana phenotype vended as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds produce exclusively feminine ganja dope plants yet common seeds provide masculine and feminine ganja plant life at just about uniform proportions.

The flowering order of Pineapple Dynamite Limited Edition is Photoperiod. Autoflower ganja cultivars bloom without consideration of daylight cycle whereas standard photo-period genetics grow in accord to day length.

The UK Pineapple x Zkittlez x GG#4 lineage of Pineapple Dynamite Limited Edition give the ultimate merits to this marijuana phenotype. The outcome has wondrous terpene compositions that provide phenomenal fragrances and qualities.

Buying Pineapple Dynamite Limited Edition Regular Seeds by Lineage Genetics allows you to tend this astounding weed phenotype indoors, outdoors, or anyplace else. The grade of the finished crop is beyond comparison.

Your Pineapple Dynamite Limited Edition Regular Seeds are speedily sent in merely a short number of days from buying these ganja seeds online. The seeds are inconspicuously bundled for the greatest secretiveness.

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Pineapple Dynamite Limited Edition Breeder Description

Pineapple Dynamite is finally here, this cross of UK Pineapple x Zkittlez x Gorilla Glue #4 has taken a long time for us to release, but strains like this are not to be rushed.

This beautiful plant was created for all growers from novices to experts, Pineapple Dynamite produces above average yields giving the grower great colas that are full of trichomes, and with an immense pineapple aroma. The buds are very dense and compact so support is recommended, all phenos we have grown out are very similar except a few show more purple than others but when it comes to taste all are very similar.

This strain is not recommended for day-time use as it has a very strong couch-lock high, which is great for those who want to relax in the evenings after a hard days work and for medical users this is perfect for pain relief, insomnia and eating disorders.

Growing tips: we suggest you do not top this strain as it produces great main colas, unless you are going to scrog it to give you many top colas, space is also required as it tends to shoot up soon as she is put into bloom phase.

Pineapple Dynamite Limited Edition Growing Information

Start your Pineapple Dynamite Limited Edition Regular Seeds by looking over our germination guide. Sustain the planting mix damp by provisioning water, however do not let it get marshy.

Endow the plants with brightness immediately after they’ve started to grow. Feed plant food after Pineapple Dynamite Limited Edition has concluded its germination development cycle.

During the course of the vegetative period, help your marijuana plants to progress and produce leaves. Periodic watching and fertilizing will establish a prosperous pot patch.

The nugs are concluded succeeding a bloom time of 56 – 60 days, completely oozing with resin and buried in sugar crystals. This genetic phenotype is distinguished for its top-notch performance.

Pineapple Dynamite Limited Edition supplies a noteworthy crop of chronic Mostly Indica buds that provoke pleasing feelings.


Lineage Genetics

CBD Content


Flowering Time

56 – 60 days


UK Pineapple x Zkittlez x GG#4

Flowering Type


Medical Properties


Pack Size

6 Seeds, 12 Seeds, 20 Seeds

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Mostly Indica