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Old School Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Old School Feminised Seeds though cyberspace without further ado from Ripper Seeds with swift and inconspicuous distribution to any location around the world.

Old School is a famed ganja phenotype retailed as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds produce entirely female marijuana cannabis herbs however common seeds give masculine and female marijuana herbs at approximately the same ratios.

The flowering nature of Old School is Photoperiod. Auto dope types bloom careless of light schedule whilst conventional photo-period varieties grow in response to daylight cycle.

The Original Cheese X Afghan (Black Domina) parents of Old School supply the elite characteristics to this cannabis strain. The end product has sensational terpene medleys that provide unreal fragrances and qualities.

Picking up Old School Feminised Seeds by Ripper Seeds enables you to nurture this remarkable cannabis phenotype inside, outside, or wherever. The worth of the product is superb.

Your Old School Feminised Seeds are speedily mailed in only a handful of days since paying for these dope seeds on-line. The seeds are carefully encased for peak privacy.

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Old School Breeder Description

From the exquisite selection of original plants, maintained during decades, Ripper Seeds bring you a hybrid in the purest OLD SCHOOL style. A cross between “Original Cheese” the most famous clone in the United Kingdom and the most powerful Afghan selected at the late 90s, “Black Domina”. A cross of Afghan and Skunk that would wake your senses to the most ancient OLD SCHOOL memories and flavours.

Its flavour is sweet, potent and with an unmatched intensity that would transport you to an unforgettable burst of high-flying nuances for experienced palates.
Its penetrating incense aroma and flowers with an earthy touch and an incomparable physical/mental relaxing state, make it an ideal strain for those eager for the most intense feelings and all the “old school” parameters.

Old School Growing Information

Sprout your Old School Feminised Seeds by checking out our germination guide. Have the growth substrate wet by issuing water, except do not let it get soaked.

Supply the seeds with light at the moment when they’ve begun to grow. Deliver plant food the moment that Old School has finalized its sprouting development state.

Throughout the veg stage, support your cannabis plants to expand and produce leafage. Habitual supervision and pest control strategies will contribute to a triumphant herb patch.

The flowers are finalized succeeding a bloom period of 60-65 days, thoroughly laded with resin and coated in trichome crystals. This chemovar is prized for its top-notch quality.

Old School gives a gainful harvest of glorious Mostly Indica buds that provoke pleasing auras.


Ripper Seeds

Flowering Time

60-65 days


Original Cheese X Afghan (Black Domina)

Pack Size

1 Seed, 3 Seeds, 5 Seeds

Flowering Type