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NL5 x Afghan Regular Seeds For Sale

Buy NL5 x Afghan Regular Seeds over the web without further ado from Mr Nice Seedbank with speedy and safe transport to anywhere in the world.

NL5 x Afghan is a glorious marijuana cultivated variety on the open market as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds develop solely feminine weed reefer flowers yet common seeds provide masculine and feminine weed trees at virtually balanced ratios.

The flowering sort of NL5 x Afghan is Photoperiod. Autoflower reefer species bloom irrespective of light schedule whereas photoperiodic strains answer to daylight cycle.

The NL5 x Afghan heritage of NL5 x Afghan impart the finest characteristics to this marijuana strain. The final product has astounding terpene compositions that contribute unreal odors and qualities.

Securing NL5 x Afghan Regular Seeds by Mr Nice Seedbank grants you the power to nurture this jaw-dropping weed cultivated variety in your residence or anywhere at all. The rank of the yield is striking.

Your NL5 x Afghan Regular Seeds are speedily mailed in only a handful of days from paying for these reefer seeds on the internet. The seeds are carefully boxed for the best covertness.

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As the greatest supplier for phenomenal marijuana seeds, Starseeds is sworn to client fulfillment. Kindly talk to our hospitable client service if you happen to desire any help getting NL5 x Afghan Regular Seeds on the web.

NL5 x Afghan Breeder Description

This is the result of crossing different Afghan landraces producing an offspring that balances distinctive flavours with a strong effect. The plants are fast flowering and compact as one would expect. NL5 x Afghan can suffer from mould problems similar to most very dense plants.

NL5 x Afghan Growing Information

Start your NL5 x Afghan Regular Seeds by reviewing our germination guide. Have the growing media wettish by applying water, however do not let it get soaked.

Bestow the sprouts with light as soon as they’ve sprouted. Feed plant nutrients after NL5 x Afghan has fulfilled its sprouting growing stage.

In the veg cycle, support your canna plants to prosper and build greenery. Habitual reviewing and fertilization will facilitate a fruitful reefer crop.

The nuggets are done succeeding a flowering phase of 7-9 Weeks, wholly oozing with resin and coated in crystals. This cultivar is respected for its splendid output.

NL5 x Afghan supplies a productive harvest of terrific Mostly Indica nugs that provide pleasing highs.


Mr Nice Seedbank

Flowering Time

7-9 Weeks


NL5 x Afghan

Medical Properties


Flowering Type

Pack Size

18 Seeds