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Massive Midget Auto Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Massive Midget Auto Feminised Seeds via the internet this minute from Heavyweight Seeds with prompt and cautious transport to anywhere on the planet’s surface.

Massive Midget Auto is a prized ganja phenotype marketed as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds develop exclusively feminine marijuana dope herbs yet common seeds provide masculine and feminine marijuana plant life at approximately level percentages.

The flowering form of Massive Midget Auto is Autoflowering. Auto herb variations bloom undeterred by daylight cycle whereas standard photoperiod cultivars react to light hours.

The (Afghani x Nepalese) Auto x (Hawaiian x Jamaica) Auto lineage of Massive Midget Auto lend the prime attributes to this cannabis variety. The outcome has extraordinary terpene compositions that bring forth phenomenal odors and tastes.

Bagging Massive Midget Auto Feminised Seeds by Heavyweight Seeds authorizes you to crop this extraordinary weed phenotype indoors, outdoors, or in whatever area. The worth of the load is outstanding.

Your Massive Midget Auto Feminised Seeds are rapidly expedited in merely a small number of days from buying these herb seeds in real time. The seeds are carefully encased for the greatest secrecy.

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Massive Midget Auto Breeder Description

The power of this exotic strain, is beautifully hidden beneath its mouth watering tropical flavours, a must for all discerning smokers with an eye for quality. We’ve taken a highly stable Afghani/Nepalese autoflowering hybrid and then crossed it with our Jamaican/Hawaiian autoflowering hybrid to produce the Massive Midget.

Tested through five generations for uniformity and stability this beauty is now amazing its growers with abundant yields of compact resin covered buds. The smoke is smooth with a citrus aroma and fruity-herbal flavour, the high is calm and highly creative, and its high CBD levels make it a useful medical strain with good pain relieving qualities.

Get used to it, this is no ordinary auto this is a Heavyweight auto!

Massive Midget Auto Growing Information

Begin your Massive Midget Auto Feminised Seeds by looking over our germination guide. Sustain the planting material wettish by issuing water, nevertheless do not let it get muddy.

Endow the seeds with light when they’ve begun to grow. Deliver plant food immediately after Massive Midget Auto has concluded its germination growing cycle.

In the veg cycle, support your ganja plants to burst forth and establish mass. Repeated checking and caretaking will foster a lucrative herb patch.

The flowers are finished after a flowering period of 8 weeks from germination, wholly dripping in resin and enclosed in crystals. This weed strain is admired for its fabulous fruits.

Massive Midget Auto offers a noteworthy production of divine Indica / Sativa flowers that supply enjoyable stones.


Heavyweight Seeds

CBD Content


Flowering Time

8 weeks from germination


(Afghani x Nepalese) Auto x (Hawaiian x Jamaica) Auto

Flowering Type

Medical Properties


Pack Size

3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds

Plant Height

60cm – 80cm

THC Content