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Kali China Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Kali China Feminised Seeds on the net without delay from Ace Seeds with expeditious and safe transport to anywhere on the world map.

Kali China is a renowned ganja breed offered as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds develop entirely feminine marijuana pot plants while common seeds give masculine and feminine marijuana trees at almost split ratios.

The flowering variety of Kali China is Photoperiod. Auto-flowering herb chemovars bloom notwithstanding daylight time whilst photo-periodic strains grow in accord to light cycle.

The (Kali Mist x China Yunnan) x China Yunnan parents of Kali China bring out the bestest features to this marijuana variety. The finished product has phenomenal terps that contribute superb scents and qualities.

Securing Kali China Feminised Seeds by Ace Seeds permits you to produce this awesome weed breed indoors, outdoors, or in whatever place. The nature of the finished crop is incredible.

Your Kali China Feminised Seeds are rapidly forwarded in only a couple days from buying these herb seeds on the internet. The seeds are cautiously wrapped up for the greatest concealment.

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Kali China Breeder Description

Kali China is one of the strains that takes us more time to develop, reaching the top breeding refinement of Ace Seeds China Yunnan hybrids.

It’s a compact and fast flowering plant of indica behavior, which flowers produce a unique and complex aroma, and a refined tropical sativa effect. The aroma is a mix of Mango juice, sweet cream, incense, grill meat and oriental spices.

Like in ‘haute cuisine’, Kali China stimulates very different organoleptic areas, making this strain a delightful experience of the highest gastronomic level.

Its effect stands out because of its complexity and sativa nature: powerful, psychedelic and sensorial with a relaxed, introspective and meditative development. It is an easy strain for indoors without height problems.

Kali China Growing Information

Start your Kali China Feminised Seeds by looking over our germination guide. Have the potting soil or media damp by applying water, yet do not let it get waterlogged.

Present the seeds with illumination when they’ve started to grow. Deliver plant food once Kali China has concluded its sprouting development period.

Through the veg period, help your canna plants to thrive and produce vegetation. Repeated watching and care will establish a flourishing MJ grow.

The nuggets are completed growing after a bloom phase of 8-9 weeks, wholly loaded with resin and coated in crystals. This genetic phenotype is distinguished for its superb performance.

Kali China offers a noteworthy production of divine Mostly Indica nugs that provide pleasing passions.


Ace Seeds

Flowering Time

8-9 weeks


(Kali Mist x China Yunnan) x China Yunnan

Flowering Type

Pack Size

1 Seed, 3 Seeds, 5 Seeds

Plant Height