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Headshot Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Headshot Feminised Seeds though cyberspace promptly from Dank Genetics with expeditious and low-key distribution to any location across the globe.

Headshot is a valued marijuana cultivar up for sale as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds develop purely feminine marijuana cannabis flowers however common seeds offer masculine and feminine marijuana herbs at just about uniform percentages.

The flowering order of Headshot is Photoperiod. Auto-flowering pot cultivars bloom heedless of lighting cycle whilst ordinary photo-period strains answer to daylight cycle.

The Loompa Headband x Sour Dubble genes of Headshot add the prime excellences to this cannabis strain. The harvest has wonderful terpene medleys that bring forth magnificent scents and qualities.

Procuring Headshot Feminised Seeds by Dank Genetics gives you the ability to develop this stunning weed cultivar in your residence or wherever you please. The grade of the yield is first-rate.

Your Headshot Feminised Seeds are expeditiously shipped in merely a number of days following paying for these pot seeds on-line. The seeds are stealthily encased for optimal stealth.

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Headshot Breeder Description

Headshot is an indica-leaning hybrid suitable for indoor or outdoor gardens in legally operating climates. Growers can expect typical indica plants with flowering times of between 8-10 weeks before they are rewarded with densely packed nugs in medium to large yields of resin-heavy goodness.

Flavours and aromas are very much in keeping with the genetic lineage – skunk and sharp citrus from the Loompa Headband and that familiar Cali diesel fuel tang from the Sour Dubble. This is a lovely little strain that showcases a winning blend of US and European genetics.

Headshot Growing Information

Start your Headshot Feminised Seeds by looking over our germination guide. Keep the growing media wet by issuing water, nevertheless do not let it get too wet.

Endow the plants with light as soon as they’ve begun to grow. Feed plant fertilizer as soon as Headshot has finished its sapling development period.

At the vegetative growth stage, support the crop to advance and generate vegetation. Repeated examination and TLC will contribute to a productive pot grow.

The nugs are finished growing after a bloom time of 56 – 70 days, completely laded with resin and wrapped in THC crystals. This genetic phenotype is valued for its superb performance.

Headshot produces a gratifying crop of superb Mostly Indica buds that provoke enjoyable stones.


Dank Genetics

Flowering Time

56 – 70 days


Loompa Headband x Sour Dubble

Pack Size

7 Seeds

Flowering Type