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Good Shit Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Good Shit Feminised Seeds on the internet right away from Phoenix Seeds with speedy and cautious distribution to any location around the world.

Good Shit is a glorious marijuana phenotype on the open market as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds grow solely female weed pot flowers yet common seeds provide pollinating and female weed plant life at virtually balanced proportions.

The flowering nature of Good Shit is Photoperiod. Auto-flowering marijuana variations bloom without consideration of daylight cycle whereas regular photoperiod cultivars grow in accord to day length.

The Good x Shit x Dude parents of Good Shit transfer the ultimate merits to this marijuana species. The finished product has wondrous terpene medleys that provide great fragrances and qualities.

Scoring Good Shit Feminised Seeds by Phoenix Seeds grants you the ability to produce this extraordinary cannabis phenotype indoors, outside, or wherever you wish. The rank of the end product is marvelous.

Your Good Shit Feminised Seeds are quickly sent in only a couple days following paying for these marijuana seeds on the internet. The seeds are secretly encased for maximal privacy.

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Good Shit Breeder Description

We have been hard at work to provide you guys with some real Good Shit, at a great low price, and we have now cracked it! This strain will be a wonderful smooth smoke that will even the most critical of cannabis enthusiasts. The best way to describe the flavour and quality of the smoke is “luxurious.” There is just something special about this strain, from its exotic look to its incredible quality.

It offers the user a smoke that is smooth as… well, velvet. The effect is very much the same – smooth, easy, warm, and laid-back. The effect is as pure as they come with no anxiety or paranoia.

As they grow, these plants’ sativa side really shows, but the Indica genetics appear just where they are needed. The plants are not too tall, but they do grow lots of long side branches with abundant flower sites. Those flower sites produce a moderate number of buds with a powdery white dusting of very potent resin.


Indoor growers can increase yields through the use of specialised growing methods like Sea of Green. Doing so also promotes a slightly faster flowering time which is already fast at about 9 weeks. Outdoor growers will find that Good Shit responds better than average to fluctuating temperatures but can easily succumb to moulds and fungus when left to grow unassisted in a humid climate. Be sure to harvest these plants before first frost. The plants also take on a much more distinct purple hue when grown outdoors.

The most exciting part about these seeds is that they are very easy to cultivate, even if this is your first time trying to grow cannabis. Do you understand the basics? If so, you can work with these seeds and they will not disappoint. They are very reliable with a nearly flawless germination rate.

Please remember that the growing of cannabis plants and the cultivation of seeds is illegal in some countries – please check the laws of your country and don’t be growing any plants if it is against your country’s laws.

Good Shit Growing Information

Start your Good Shit Feminised Seeds by following our germination guide. Sustain the planting material moistened by adding water, however do not let it get swampy.

Supply the seeds with light at the moment when they’ve sprouted. Feed plant fertilizer immediately after Good Shit has fulfilled its germination development state.

At the vegetative growth cycle, empower the dope plants to progress and earn leafage. Repeated checkup and care will assure a flourishing pot crop.

The flowers are finished succeeding a bloom period of 56 – 63 days, entirely dripping in resin and buried in kief. This strain is venerated for its primo finish.

Good Shit produces a gratifying production of top-shelf Mostly Sativa nuggets that deliver nice sentiments.


Phoenix Seeds

Flowering Time

56 – 63 days


Good x Shit x Dude

Pack Size

1 Seed, 3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds, 100 Seeds

Flowering Type

THC Content

15 – 20%