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Barney's Farm

Glookies Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Glookies Feminised Seeds on the world wide web instantly from Barney’s Farm with rapid and secretive distribution to any global destination.

Glookies is a beloved marijuana genetic marketed as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds spring up solely female canna dope plants however common seeds provide pollinating and female canna herbs at close to uniform ratios.

The flowering order of Glookies is Photoperiod. Auto-flowering dope strains bloom without regard to day length whilst ordinary photo-period cultivars grow in accord to light schedule.

The Gorilla Glue x GSC Thin Mint lineage of Glookies contribute the elite characteristics to this weed variety. The outcome has astonishing terpenes that create extraordinary fragrances and qualities.

Bagging Glookies Feminised Seeds by Barney’s Farm allows you to farm this jaw-dropping cannabis genetic in your residence or wherever you require. The rank of the yield is first-rate.

Your Glookies Feminised Seeds are speedily expedited in merely a couple of days following buying these dope seeds in real time. The seeds are secretly encapsulated for maximal concealment.

Endless shoppers perceive Starseeds as the foremost online seed bank to obtain Barney’s Farm seeds at the most affordable prices. We extend painless forms of payment as well as dependable careful shipping to all places anywhere with an address.

As the supreme seed distributor for extraordinary marijuana seeds, Starseeds is pledged to buyer gratification. Please do reach out to our nice customer service if you happen to require any support acquiring Glookies Feminised Seeds on the web.

Glookies Breeder Description

If Marvel Studios created an Avengers cannabis strain this would be it! Glookies™.

Witness the power from this indica-dominant superhero of a strain, created by the careful fusion of two eclectic cannabis superstars. Gorilla Glue and The Original Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies need no introduction. Another incredible new addition to our Cali Collection arrives. A super stoney effect will be experienced along with motivational energies that will transform your day, filling it with drive.

The taste of Glookies™ must be experienced to be believed. Imagine hints of Sour Diesel, Key Lime and Walnuts colliding to create one of the most exotic bouquets created in the cannabis world. Expect extensive side-branching and phenomenal yields from Glookies™ huge 25% THC laden buds. Indoor yields of 800 gr/m2 are achievable with outdoor harvests weighing in at 2000-3000 gr/plant in ideal growing conditions.

Glookies Growing Information

Begin your Glookies Feminised Seeds by following our germination guide. Sustain the growing media damp by issuing water, nevertheless do not let it get soaked.

Present the weeds with light when they’ve begun to grow. Give plant feed right after Glookies has concluded its sprout development period.

At the vegetative growth cycle, bring your cannabis plants to advance and establish vegetation. Regular inspection and IPM will facilitate a fruitful marijuana grow.

The flowers are harvestable after a flowering period of 60 – 70 days, absolutely packed with resin and masked in frost. This cultivar is prized for its first-rate outcomes.

Glookies brings in a lucrative harvest of phenomenal Mostly Indica nuggets that provoke gratifying touches.


Barney's Farm

Flowering Time

60 – 70 days


Gorilla Glue x GSC Thin Mint

Pack Size

1 Seed, 3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds

Flowering Type

Plant Height

Indoors: 100 cm; Outdoors: 180 cm.

THC Content