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Brothers Grimm

G13 Genius Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy G13 Genius Feminised Seeds on the web right away from Brothers Grimm with swift and safe distribution to any location around the world.

G13 Genius is a beloved cannabis phenotype on sale as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds produce purely feminine cannabis cannabis plants while common seeds provide pollinating and feminine cannabis herbs at practically balanced ratios.

The flowering sort of G13 Genius is Photoperiod. Autoflower marijuana variances bloom without consideration of lighting hours whereas regular photoperiod varieties grow in accord to lighting hours.

The G13/Hash Plant clone x Genius (STS) lineage of G13 Genius add the supreme features to this weed species. The end product has fabulous terpenes that result in marvelous odors and essences.

Obtaining G13 Genius Feminised Seeds by Brothers Grimm grants you the means to produce this fantastic weed phenotype in your home or in whatever area. The excellence of the matured crop is first-rate.

Your G13 Genius Feminised Seeds are speedily posted in only a handful of days from paying for these marijuana seeds in real time. The seeds are stealthily wrapped up for the greatest covertness.

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G13 Genius Breeder Description

Brothers Grimm crossed two famous clone-only females to create a 100% female super-strain. The seed mother of this hybrid is Neville’s G13/Hashplant from The Seed Bank, circa 1990. The pollen came from silver-thiosulfate reversal of Mr. Soul’s Genius.

The outstanding Airborne G13/HP clone has a flavour profile of lemon/lime with a sour milk undertone… which makes her a perfect complement to Mr. Soul’s Genius female (mother of the Apollo line) so we decided to combine them and thus create a 100% female strain with INCREDIBLE lemon/lime and sweet/sour flavors and aromas.

The offspring showed minor variations as expected, however all pheno-types reliably expressed the desired amazing citrus flavors and aromas. The growth structure of the plants varies more than the bud quality – most are compact, bushy plants although some are taller – but all pheno-types share a citrus and sour flavor and aroma.

These are large and vigorous plants with a sturdy structure that supports a lot of weight. The rich resin production of the G13 Genius makes the leaves and flowers look like they were frosted with sparkling white confectioner’s sugar.

G13 Genius Growing Information

Sprout your G13 Genius Feminised Seeds by studying our germination guide. Retain the growth media wet by applying water, except do not let it get boggy.

Endow the sprouts with brightness when they’ve started to grow. Provide plant fertilizer immediately after G13 Genius has finalized its sapling development stage.

Through the veg stage, empower the weed plants to advance and form herbage. Habitual checkup and nurturing will secure a triumphant pot seed grow.

The budlets are concluded after a budding period of 56 – 65 days, absolutely hashy and buried in crystals. This cannabis strain is respected for its top-shelf terps.

G13 Genius provides a gratifying harvest of first-rate Mostly Indica nuggets that deliver nice sensations.


Brothers Grimm

Flowering Time

56 – 65 days


G13/Hash Plant clone x Genius (STS)

Pack Size

8 Seeds

Flowering Type