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Frozen Lemons Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Frozen Lemons Feminised Seeds on-line right away from Dank Genetics with rapid and stealthy shipment to any place worldwide.

Frozen Lemons is a glorious ganja genetic up for sale as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds germinate exclusively feminine canna pot herbs however common seeds bear pollinating and feminine canna greenery at approximately balanced percentages.

The flowering order of Frozen Lemons is Photoperiod. Automatic weed strains bloom without consideration of day length whilst photoperiodic strains grow in response to day length.

The Lemon G x Sunset Sherbet heritage of Frozen Lemons lend the finest features to this cannabis strain. The outcome has extraordinary terpene compositions that bring forth superb odors and tastes.

Scoring Frozen Lemons Feminised Seeds by Dank Genetics gives you the resources to develop this remarkable weed genetic inside, outside, or any place else. The class of the load is first-rate.

Your Frozen Lemons Feminised Seeds are speedily shipped in only a couple days following paying for these weed seeds on-line. The seeds are secretly encased for the best covertness.

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Frozen Lemons Breeder Description

Frozen Lemons is a balanced hybrid suitable for indoor or outdoor gardens in legally operating climates. Growers can expect strong, vigorous plants with flowering times of between 8-10 weeks, before they are rewarded with good sized yields of resin-heavy goodness.

Flavours and aromas are very much in keeping with the genetic lineage – sharp, zesty lemons from the Lemon G and the familiar OG Kush terps from the Sunset Sherbet. This is an elite strain that showcases a winning blend of US and Euro genetics and is sure to be popular with fans of pronounced limonene in their cannabis.

Frozen Lemons Growing Information

Spring up your Frozen Lemons Feminised Seeds by checking out our germination guide. Retain the planting mix wet by adding water, yet do not let it get soaked.

Present the sprouts with illumination immediately after they’ve started growing. Grant plant fertilizer after Frozen Lemons has ended its germination growing stage.

During the course of the veg phase, support your cannabis plants to grow and earn foliage. Periodic observation and integrated pest management will establish a fruitful Mary Jane crop.

The budlets are finalized after a bloom period of 56 – 70 days, perfectly laded with resin and shielded in trichome crystals. This weed strain is valued for its fantastic quality.

Frozen Lemons provides a noteworthy crop of high-grade Mostly Indica buds that supply enjoyable highs.


Dank Genetics

Flowering Time

56 – 70 days


Lemon G x Sunset Sherbet

Pack Size

7 Seeds

Flowering Type