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Early Skunk Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Early Skunk Feminised Seeds over the web promptly from Sensi Seeds with speedy and tactful distribution to any place across the globe.

Early Skunk is a beloved ganja chemovar on the open market as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds develop entirely feminine ganja dope flowers while common seeds offer masculine and feminine ganja plant life at approximately level percentages.

The flowering form of Early Skunk is Photoperiod. Autoflower marihuana chemovars bloom without regard to light hours whereas photo-periodic genetics react to light hours.

The Skunk #1 x Early Pearl genes of Early Skunk contribute the choice features to this marijuana strain. The crop has astounding terpenes that provide excellent fragrances and essences.

Securing Early Skunk Feminised Seeds by Sensi Seeds gives you the resources to develop this remarkable marijuana chemovar inside, outdoors, or wherever you want. The class of the crop is remarkable.

Your Early Skunk Feminised Seeds are rapidly forwarded in merely a handful of days following buying these marihuana seeds on-line. The seeds are stealthily cased for the best stealth.

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Early Skunk Breeder Description

For excellent results and reliable performance, Early Skunk could qualify as the best all-round strain in the Sensi Seed Bank Outdoor collection. Now available as a feminized variety. Just like the original, feminized Early Skunk seeds produce tough, fast and amazingly vibrant plants that produce lush, heavy harvests of dank, frosted bud in virtually any climate.

Feminized Early Skunk seeds bring together the bulk and vigour of Skunk #1 and the outdoor hardiness of Early Pearl in a turbo-charged, all-female cannabis hybrid that is happy in the garden, on the balcony or in any outdoor location with access to direct sunlight.

The influence of the Early Pearl parent allows Early Skunk to finish weeks earlier than Skunk#1 and greatly increases the strain´s resistance to mould and fungus. The release of this superb outdoor hybrid as a reliable, uniform, feminized strain is the last step in perfecting Early Skunk – she´s potent, productive, hardy, easy and now carries no risk of producing male plants!
Indica features dominate the growth pattern of feminized Early Skunk, giving her a solid, resin-encrusted flower formation and massive yields. Early Skunk´s Sativa side causes extra ´run´ in her thick arms of bud, and is much more noticeable when sampled – imparting a smooth, buoyant high which blends with and lifts the warm, powerful Skunk stone, carrying it to new and interesting places.

Early Skunk Growing Information

Begin your Early Skunk Feminised Seeds by reviewing our germination guide. Keep the growing mix wettish by issuing water, nevertheless do not let it get muddy.

Bestow the plants with brightness immediately after they’ve started to grow. Feed nutes as soon as Early Skunk has finalized its sprout growing cycle.

In the vegetative growth phase, empower your dope plants to burst forth and generate herbage. Recurrent examination and integrated pest management will guarantee a thriving MJ crop.

The nuggets are concluded after a budding time of 55 – 65 days, utterly dripping in resin and enveloped in trics. This genetic variety is highly regarded for its supreme terpene profiles.

Early Skunk offers a worthy production of first-rate Mostly Indica nugs that provoke pleasing highs.


Sensi Seeds

Flowering Time

55 – 65 days


Skunk #1 x Early Pearl

Pack Size

10 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 3 Seeds, 25 Seeds

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