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Buy Durban-Thai x C99 Feminised Seeds by Brothers Grimm


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Brothers Grimm

Durban-Thai x C99 Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Durban-Thai x C99 Feminised Seeds on-line right away from Brothers Grimm with rapid and stealthy transport to any point across the world.

Durban-Thai x C99 is a valued ganja chemovar offered as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds grow solely female marijuana ganja herbs while common seeds grow masculine and female marijuana bushes at virtually level ratios.

The flowering sort of Durban-Thai x C99 is Photoperiod. Auto pot variances bloom ignoring day length whilst regular photo-period genetics grow in accord to lighting cycle.

The heritage of Durban-Thai x C99 lend the prime features to this cannabis strain. The end product has phenomenal terps that contribute unreal scents and tastes.

Bagging Durban-Thai x C99 Feminised Seeds by Brothers Grimm gives you the power to develop this impressive marijuana chemovar indoors, outdoors, or in whatever area. The nature of the load is magnificent.

Your Durban-Thai x C99 Feminised Seeds are promptly sent in only a small number of days from paying for these pot seeds on the internet. The seeds are cautiously bundled for the greatest concealment.

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Durban-Thai x C99 Breeder Description

This is a feminised version of Mr. Soul’s Durban-Thai X C99 which was first created in the year 2000 and went on to become a prized possession of growers all over the world – even winning a Cannabis Cup under another name.

The lineage of this hybrid is impressive indeed. We crossed a Durban-Thai female grown from original S.S.S.C. seed stock to our favourite Cinderella 99 female by STS, inducing the C99 to create 100% female pollen. Our results shocked us a bit because of the increased size of the hybrid plants, and their phenomenal growth rate. This is a classic example of hybrid vigour affecting the offspring. These plants grow big, long “donkey-dick” colas that produce stony, terpene-rich, resin-encrusted buds that will impress even the fussiest connoisseur.

The aromas given off by these flowers are an intoxicating mixture of musky incense and black liquorice. In the grow room this plant’s sturdy structure and minimal stretch during flowering make it an absolute pleasure. After 70 days of flowering, we harvest loads of intoxicatingly fragrant, uber-dense flowers, with resin glands sparkling like crushed diamonds sprinkled all over them. And even a short clone of only 18 inches, yields over an ounce of primo dried bud.

Durban-Thai x C99 Growing Information

Spring up your Durban-Thai x C99 Feminised Seeds by reviewing our germination guide. Retain the growing mix moistened by issuing water, nevertheless do not let it get waterlogged.

Present the weeds with illumination immediately after they’ve sprouted. Give fert once Durban-Thai x C99 has fulfilled its sapling growing cycle.

During the course of the vegetative period, permit your canna plants to progress and produce leaves. Repeated observation and pest management will secure a booming MJ patch.

The nuggets are done succeeding a budding phase of 65 – 70 days, perfectly packed with resin and wrapped in trics. This herb strain is respected for its marvelous finish.

Durban-Thai x C99 provides a rewarding crop of grand Mostly Sativa nuggets that produce gratifying stones.


Brothers Grimm

Flowering Time

65 – 70 days

Pack Size

8 Seeds

Plant Height

120 cm.

Flowering Type