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Brothers Grimm

Apollo Haze Regular Seeds For Sale

Buy Apollo Haze Regular Seeds on the web pronto from Brothers Grimm with swift and private delivery to any place around the world.

Apollo Haze is a beloved cannabis cultivar up for sale as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds grow solely female ganja cannabis herbs however common seeds give masculine and female ganja herbs at almost split percentages.

The flowering sort of Apollo Haze is Photoperiod. Auto marijuana variations bloom irrespective of day length whereas ordinary photoperiod phenotypes answer to daylight cycle.

The Genius female x Cinderella 99/Super Silver Haze male genes of Apollo Haze lend the ultimate excellences to this marijuana variety. The final product has fantastic terps that create marvelous fragrances and essences.

Securing Apollo Haze Regular Seeds by Brothers Grimm gives you the power to nurture this spectacular marijuana cultivar inside, outside, or any place else. The grade of the product is superb.

Your Apollo Haze Regular Seeds are rapidly forwarded in only a small number of days from paying for these marijuana seeds online. The seeds are secretly wrapped for maximal concealment.

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As the first-class supplier for remarkable cannabis seeds, Starseeds is loyal to purchaser pleasure. Do reach out to our approachable customer care when you require any support picking up Apollo Haze Regular Seeds on the web.

Apollo Haze Breeder Description

Using a Super Silver Grail Haze male gifted to Brothers Grimm by their internet friend “has_some_sense”, they pollenated the famous Genius clone to create this monster hybrid.

The SSGH male is the result of their friend’s having crossed his keeper Cinderella 99, the female dubbed “The Grail” to a very select Super Silver Haze male. The result of recombining these genes unlocked a real jewel; this male added potency, vigorous growth, and large, strong branches to the progeny.

In their testing, 2/3 of the population remained true to the Genius clone; displaying more compact structure and heavy colas. The remaining 1/3 of the plants expressed a much larger structure and more elongated floral development. The aromas range from the spicy, lime/citrus, fuel of Genius (but amplified) while the shorter phenotypes smell of tropical fruit, elderberries, black currents and a mildly influenced haze afternote.

They all taste as they smell and all produce very resinous, large flowers. The high is very energetic with no anxiety and no crash, the perfect active weed with a very sharp head.

Apollo Haze Growing Information

Sprout your Apollo Haze Regular Seeds by checking out our germination guide. Sustain the potting soil or media wettish by adding water, nevertheless do not let it get swampy.

Endow the seeds with brightness immediately after they’ve popped up. Provide plant nutrients right after Apollo Haze has concluded its sprouting growing stage.

During the course of the vegetative growth stage, support your ganja plants to grow and form greenery. Periodic watching and caretaking will guarantee a flourishing herb patch.

The flowers are finished after a bloom period of 63-70 days, utterly hashy and masked in frost. This marijuana strain is revered for its fabulous terps.

Apollo Haze produces a gainful harvest of glorious Mostly Sativa nugs that provoke enjoyable stones.


Brothers Grimm

Flowering Time

63-70 days


Genius female x Cinderella 99/Super Silver Haze male

Pack Size

12 Seeds

Flowering Type