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Double Dutch Regular Seeds For Sale

Buy Double Dutch Regular Seeds on the web without further ado from Serious Seeds with rapid and cautious delivery to any location around the world.

Double Dutch is a prominent cannabis breed ready to buy as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds develop entirely feminine weed pot plants however common seeds provide masculine and feminine weed trees at near balanced percentages.

The flowering nature of Double Dutch is Photoperiod. Auto-flowering reefer species bloom undeterred by daylight hours whilst standard photo-period varieties grow in accord to daylight time.

The Warlock x pre-2000 Chronic genes of Double Dutch bestow the bestest traits to this weed variety. The harvest has wondrous terpene combinations that create sensational fragrances and tastes.

Acquiring Double Dutch Regular Seeds by Serious Seeds gives you the means to crop this fabulous weed breed inside, outdoors, or anyplace else. The caliber of the finished product is exceptional.

Your Double Dutch Regular Seeds are speedily shipped in merely a handful of days following paying for these reefer seeds online. The seeds are inconspicuously encapsulated for peak secrecy.

Droves of consumers perceive Starseeds as the elite seed market to get Serious Seeds merchandise at low cost. We present straightforward means of payment as well as secured camouflaged distribution to all places on earth.

As the number one seedbank for remarkable cannabis seeds, Starseeds is bound to shopper pleasure. Please do connect with our cordial client service for those who want any help picking up Double Dutch Regular Seeds online.

Double Dutch Breeder Description

Serious Seeds are proud to announce that they have incorporated 5 new strains which were originally developed and sold by Magus Genetics. The assortment of this small Dutch Seed Company fits wonderfully well into the menu of Serious Seeds. Just like Serious Seeds Magus has produced only a few seeds with unique and superb characteristics because of their outstanding quality they have won several awards and more importantly are loved very much by the people who’ve tried them. Double Dutch is a cross between a Warlock male and a (Serious) Chronic. During vegetative growth, Double Dutch shows its Indica side with its wide leaves, heavy stem, and a bushy growth pattern. In the flowering stage Double Dutch produces giant Sativa-like buds, like its mother; the Chronic. All tips that receive enough light will form huge buds similar to elongated popcorn balls. Double Dutch buds must be staked due to their heavy weight.  The Double Dutch aroma is a pleasant fruity wildflower scent. The effect is complex and strong; the cerebral high and pleasant bodily effect gave this plant several awards.

Double Dutch Growing Information

Spring up your Double Dutch Regular Seeds by checking out our germination guide. Uphold the potting mix damp by supplying water, yet do not let it get overly saturated.

Bestow the plants with sunlight as soon as they’ve sprouted. Give plant food right after Double Dutch has concluded its sprout development stage.

Throughout the vegetative growth stage, empower the weed plants to prosper and earn leaves. Regular reviewing and nurturing will insure a triumphant weed seed grow.

The budlets are finalized succeeding a flowering phase of 8-9 weeks, totally resinous and buried in crystals. This weed strain is venerated for its top-notch outcomes.

Double Dutch brings in a noteworthy harvest of phenomenal Mostly Indica nuggets that provoke enjoyable feelings.


Serious Seeds

Flowering Time

8-9 weeks


Warlock x pre-2000 Chronic

Pack Size

11 Seeds

Flowering Type