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Important+ 2.0 Auto Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Critical+ 2.0 Auto Feminised Seeds over the web instantly from Silent Seeds with speedy and stealthy distribution to any place around the world.

Critical+ 2.0 Auto is a revered cannabis lineage marketed as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds spring up solely female ganja reefer herbs yet common seeds yield pollinating and female ganja bushes at close to uniform proportions.

The flowering variety of Critical+ 2.0 Auto is Autoflowering. Automatic pot species bloom notwithstanding daylight cycle whilst photoperiodic cultivars grow in accord to day length.

The Critical + Auto x Critical + parents of Critical+ 2.0 Auto bestow the primo characteristics to this marijuana chemovar. The outcome has astounding terps that result in first-rate scents and qualities.

Scoring Critical+ 2.0 Auto Feminised Seeds by Silent Seeds permits you to crop this phenomenal cannabis lineage in your home or wherever you fancy. The value of the crop is marvelous.

Your Critical+ 2.0 Auto Feminised Seeds are speedily forwarded in only a small number of days following buying these pot seeds online. The seeds are secretly wrapped for maximal secrecy.

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Important+ 2.0 Auto Breeder Description

Critical+ 2.0 Auto is a feminised, indica-dominant (75%) strain that resulted from a cross of Critical + Auto with Critical +. A great auto for growing indoors as well as outdoors in warm, dry, sunny regions.

It is recommended to use 14 – 20 litre pots from start to finish unless plants go directly in the ground outdoors. Re-potting autos as they get bigger slows development and is not advised. This strain enjoys a well-aerated substrate therefore growers should add about 30% coco coir (fibre) to the soil mix if using that medium. Watering quantity and frequency should be moderate but for best results while also feeding moderately.

The full cycle of Critical + 2.0 Auto is between 70 – 80 days from seed to harvest. Indoor yields are in the region of 500 gr/m2 while outdoors plants grow to a height of 60 – 130 cm. producing 100 – 300 gr. each. Buds are large and dense in structure with plenty of resin on show.

The scent and flavour is very Skunk-like with notes of fresh lemon that linger. THC production is high, between 15 – 20%, with low CBD at 0.01 – 0.2%. Its effect is typically indica, potent, deeply relaxing and long-lasting.

Important+ 2.0 Auto Growing Information

Begin your Critical+ 2.0 Auto Feminised Seeds by studying our germination guide. Have the growing media damp by applying water, yet do not let it get swampy.

Bestow the plants with illumination immediately after they’ve sprouted. Provide fertilizer the moment that Critical+ 2.0 Auto has ended its germination development state.

Within the veg cycle, help the weed plants to prosper and build greenery. Regular checking and nutrient provision will facilitate a flourishing marijuana crop.

The flowers are finished growing after a budding time of 70 – 80 days from seed, absolutely packed with resin and enclosed in crystals. This herb strain is well respected for its excellent bag appeal.

Critical+ 2.0 Auto offers a gainful Medium – High production of divine Mostly Indica nuggets that produce delightful Physical, Powerful, Relaxing stones.


Silent Seeds

CBD Content

0.01 – 0.2%


Physical, Powerful, Relaxing

Flowering Time

70 – 80 days from seed

Flowering Type


Critical + Auto x Critical +


Indoors, Outdoors

Pack Size

3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds

Plant Height

Outdoors: 60 – 130 cm.

THC Content

15 – 20%



Medium – High