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Super Sativa Seed Club

Creeper Auto Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Creeper Auto Feminised Seeds over the web this instant from Super Sativa Seed Club with quick and safe delivery to any place around the world.

Creeper Auto is a prominent ganja phenotype offered as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds grow exclusively feminine weed cannabis herbs yet common seeds give masculine and feminine weed trees at virtually equal ratios.

The flowering pattern of Creeper Auto is Autoflowering. Auto-flowering reefer variances bloom ignoring daylight cycle whilst ordinary photoperiod strains react to lighting hours.

The Creeper x William’s Wonder lineage of Creeper Auto bestow the choice features to this marijuana variety. The final product has fantastic terpene medleys that bring forth marvelous fragrances and essences.

Scoring Creeper Auto Feminised Seeds by Super Sativa Seed Club authorizes you to produce this fabulous cannabis phenotype in your home or any place at all. The grade of the end product is first-rate.

Your Creeper Auto Feminised Seeds are speedily sent in only a small number of days since paying for these reefer seeds electronically. The seeds are cautiously wrapped for peak discretion.

So many cultivators judge Starseeds as the foremost online seedbank to buy Super Sativa Seed Club seeds at the most affordable rates. We provide easy forms of payment as well as secured camouflaged transport to all areas anywhere in the world.

As the best supplier for phenomenal ganja seeds, Starseeds is pledged to shopper happiness. Do send an email to our approachable sales service in the event you desire any help acquiring Creeper Auto Feminised Seeds on-line.

Creeper Auto Breeder Description

After studying auto-flowering in relation to breeding SSSC worked on Auto Creeper. We think this brings a whole new approach to auto strains. When the SSSC was re-established we knew that a good auto strain was essential for a contemporary seed collection. But, it had to be of superior quality to the typical ‘mid-quality’ auto strains which dominate much of the market these days.

Auto Creeper was made from scratch using THC-rich genetics from our photo-period Creeper sativa strain. We still had the auto-flowering version of the original Williams Wonder in our seed archive and this was used to add the auto-flowering genetics.

More than 3 years of effort and lots of back-crossing to the original Creeper was required until the team was satisfied with the quality. Auto Creeper is usually around a metre tall with extensive side-branching. She takes around 12 weeks to grow from seed through to harvest – occasionally a couple of weeks longer for the heaviest-yielding phenotypes. The buds look like real sativa flowers, long and stretchy. You may notice some broad indica-shaped leaves from the Williams Wonder indica heritage but the scent and powerful effects are genuine sativa. You can expect generous yields, especially under intense light conditions.

Creeper Auto Growing Information

Start your Creeper Auto Feminised Seeds by following our germination guide. Sustain the growth media wettish by issuing water, although do not let it get muddy.

Supply the seeds with brightness when they’ve started growing. Grant nutes once Creeper Auto has finalized its sapling development state.

Throughout the vegetative period, help your weed plants to prosper and create mass. Regular supervision and nutrient application will guarantee a flourishing herb seed grow.

The budlets are harvestable succeeding a budding period of 84 days from seed, completely soaked with resin and enclosed in crystals. This genetic variety is highly regarded for its top-notch bag appeal.

Creeper Auto supplies a rewarding crop of glorious Mostly Sativa buds that deliver gratifying auras.


Super Sativa Seed Club

Flowering Time

84 days from seed


Creeper x William's Wonder

Pack Size

8 Seeds

Flowering Type

Plant Height

100 cm. approx

THC Content