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Brothers Grimm

Cinderella XX FEMINISED Seeds For Sale

Buy Cinderella XX FEMINISED Seeds via the internet at once from Brothers Grimm with expeditious and cautious distribution to any location around the world.

Cinderella XX is a valued cannabis genetic on the open market as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds develop purely feminine pot herbs however common seeds yield pollinating and feminine herbs at approximately equal percentages.

The flowering sort of Cinderella XX is Photoperiod. Auto dope species bloom without regard to lighting schedule whereas photo-period phenotypes grow in accord to daylight time.

The Princess x C99 female pollen donor parents of Cinderella XX give the elite features to this cannabis species. The matured crop has astonishing terps that bring forth magnificent odors and qualities.

Bagging Cinderella XX FEMINISED Seeds by Brothers Grimm grants you the means to produce this remarkable cannabis genetic indoors, outdoors, or wherever you fancy. The value of the matured crop is incredible.

Your Cinderella XX FEMINISED Seeds are rapidly forwarded in only a small number of days from buying these dope seeds in real time. The seeds are cautiously wrapped up for supreme discretion.

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Cinderella XX Breeder Description

Over the past two decades, Cinderella 99 has become legendary as the “Holy Grail” of indoor marijuana. Created to reliably produce uniformly excellent representations of the ideal high-THC phenotype, the seedlings have very little variation – they grow with similar scents; flowering time; potency; yield; and growth structure. The finished buds will impress any weed connoisseur’s demands for bag appeal, flavor and quality of high.

They’re vigorous, fast-flowering, super resinous plants, with large, tight colas and a high flower to leaf ratio. The dried, cured flowers are rich in terpenes ranging from sweet tropical fruit, to stinky rotten cheese… sometimes all in the same bud – the flavors and aromas are sublime. And of course, there’s the famous C99 high – devastatingly psychoactive, yet clear – you’ll feel like getting creative, playing music, or making art.

Brothers Grimm have traditionally refused to offer feminized seeds because they didn’t believe it was necessary, and they didn’t want to risk hermaphroditism. However, their research during 2016 led them to a method which produced their first feminized version of Cinderella 99 – they call it Cinderella XX, to indicate the two X chromosomes.

They selected their favorite C99 female, famous for resin production, to be the pollen donor for Princess to create the ultimate Cinderella 99 in feminized form. All the best C99 qualities have come together in this all-female version and they are so blown away by the results, they’re sure you’ll love it too.

We don’t believe in fairy godmothers and magic spells, but you can now consider your wishes granted.

Cinderella XX Growing Information

Begin your Cinderella XX FEMINISED Seeds by reviewing our germination guide. Keep the growing mix wettish by applying water, yet do not let it get marshy.

Supply the sprouts with brightness when they’ve started to grow. Deliver plant fertilizer once Cinderella XX has finalized its germination growing stage.

Throughout the veg period, empower the plants to prosper and establish in size. Periodic supervision and pest management will encourage a booming reefer grow.

The budlets are finished succeeding a blooming time of 56-65 days, utterly dripping in resin and wrapped in kief. This marijuana strain is prized for its superior quality.

Cinderella XX brings in a worthy crop of chronic flowers that deliver nice senses.


Brothers Grimm

Flowering Time

56-65 days


Princess x C99 female pollen donor

Pack Size

8 Seeds

Flowering Type