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Bubba Cheesecake Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Bubba Cheesecake Feminised Seeds on the information superhighway pronto from Seedsman with swift and low-key delivery to anywhere in the world.

Bubba Cheesecake is a leading ganja genetic on the open market as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds grow exclusively female ganja cannabis herbs however common seeds bear masculine and female ganja plant life at just about balanced percentages.

The flowering sort of Bubba Cheesecake is Photoperiod. Autoflower ganja variations bloom careless of day length whereas photo-periodic phenotypes grow in response to lighting cycle.

The Pre ’98 Bubba Kush x Cheese Cake (Wedding Cake x Exodus Cheese) heritage of Bubba Cheesecake give the finest characteristics to this cannabis strain. The crop has wondrous terpenes that contribute fabulous odors and qualities.

Obtaining Bubba Cheesecake Feminised Seeds by Seedsman grants you the ability to produce this fantastic weed genetic indoors, outside, or in whatever spot. The class of the product is extraordinary.

Your Bubba Cheesecake Feminised Seeds are rapidly sent in merely a handful of days following buying these ganja seeds on the internet. The seeds are secretly packed for the best secrecy.

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Bubba Cheesecake Breeder Description

Bubba Cheesecake is a cross of Pre-’98 Bubba Kush with Cheese Cake (Wedding Cake x Exodus Cheese). This is a 70% indica hybrid with very good yields, high THC and low CBD.

Bubba Cheesecake thrives indoors and outdoors. Indoors a short period of vegetative growth is advised due to the amount of stretch that plants display. Plants can grow to a height of 250 – 350 cm. when left to grow naturally outdoors.

Indoors, flowering takes about 60 – 65 days with some good to high yields of 400 – 550 gr/m2. Outdoor plants are capable of between 700 – 800 gr. dried weight. In northern latitudes outdoors, growers can expect to harvest at the beginning of October. Buds are big and rock-hard. Maturing plants display attractive purples and blues and glisten with sticky resin that will cover the grower’s hands if he or she is not careful.

The Wedding Cake component adds sweetness to the flavour of licorice and the scent is earthy and mossy. THC production is very high with low CBD. The effect is intensely narcotic, strong and long-lasting.

Bubba Cheesecake Growing Information

Sprout your Bubba Cheesecake Feminised Seeds by studying our germination guide. Retain the growing media wettish by supplying water, although do not let it get marshy.

Endow the plants with sunlight as soon as they’ve started to grow. Feed fertilizer right after Bubba Cheesecake has finalized its sapling growing period.

Within the vegetative period, bring your dope plants to advance and earn foliage. Habitual supervision and support will contribute to a booming Mary Jane patch.

The nuggets are finished growing succeeding a flowering phase of 60 – 65 days, entirely caked in resin and buried in trics. This ganja variety is loved for its top-notch outcomes.

Bubba Cheesecake supplies a special Medium – High harvest of glorious Mostly Indica nuggets that provide gratifying Long-lasting, Physical, Sedative, Strong auras.



CBD Content



Long-lasting, Physical, Sedative, Strong

Flowering Time

60 – 65 days

Flowering Type


Pre '98 Bubba Kush x Cheese Cake (Wedding Cake x Exodus Cheese)


Indoors, Outdoors

Pack Size

1 Seed, 3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds

Plant Height

250 – 350 cm. outdoors

THC Content




Medium – High