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Dutch Passion

Blueberry Auto Feminised For Sale

Buy Blueberry Auto Feminised over the web on the spot from Dutch Passion with speedy and secretive transport to any place worldwide.

Blueberry Auto Feminised is a revered marijuana genetic on sale as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds develop purely female canna dope plants while common seeds grow masculine and female canna plant life at practically equal percentages.

The flowering class of Blueberry Auto Feminised is Autoflowering. Automatic pot types bloom careless of light schedule whereas photo-period phenotypes grow in accordance to lighting cycle.

The Canadian Ruderalis x Blueberry heritage of Blueberry Auto Feminised give the choice aspects to this cannabis phenotype. The finished product has astonishing terpene compositions that provide splendid fragrances and qualities.

Buying Blueberry Auto Feminised by Dutch Passion grants you the power to cultivate this phenomenal cannabis genetic inside, outside, or wherever you want. The excellence of the crop is splendid.

Your Blueberry Auto Feminised are promptly mailed in merely a small number of days following paying for these pot seeds on the internet. The seeds are secretly wrapped up for peak covertness.

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Blueberry Auto Feminised Breeder Description

Blueberry Auto was created for various reasons. First of all to bring superior quality to the automatic feminised gene pool. Blueberry itself is one of Dutch Passions all time bestsellers. The special qualities of Dutch Passion’s Blueberry are known worldwide. In Auto Blueberry these qualities are incorporated in the feminised and automatic form. Automatic feminised varieties have several advantages above light cycle dependent feminised varieties:

Auto Blueberry is ready for harvest in about ten weeks and the plants grow outdoors for only a short period. They don’t grow tall and are well concealed. For the same reason it is possible to harvest outdoors two or three times per season, depending on the latitude. At Northern latitudes it is a very attractive alternative for an early summer crop, while in Mediterranean climates two or three harvests per season are not uncommon. In every aspect Auto Blueberry is a true cosmopolitan. Indoors this variety is an amazing alternative to growing from clones.

As an automatic genetic source Dutch Passion have used Canadian Ruderalis genetics.  Backcrossing till the F4 generation resulted in Auto Blueberry to become 100% automatic.  The F4 auto-flowered 100%, 25 days after germination of the seeds.  Dutch Passion Auto Blueberry seeds (F5) were produced by selfing the F4.

The plants still carry most of the Blueberry characteristics, so the phenotype is distinctive Blueberry. Most plants display the famous light blue/purple colouring, characteristic of Blueberry. Smell and taste are sweet and fruity (blueberry). The strength and quality of the high/stone is above moderate.

Blueberry Auto Feminised Growing Information

Spring up your Blueberry Auto Feminised by studying our germination guide. Retain the growing mix damp by issuing water, nevertheless do not let it get muddy.

Endow the seeds with lightening when they’ve popped up. Give nutes immediately after Blueberry Auto Feminised has finalized its germination growing stage.

During the course of the vegetative growth phase, empower the dope plants to progress and establish in size. Periodic inspection and pest control measures will encourage a flourishing pot patch.

The nuggets are finalized after a bloom period of 6 – 7 weeks, absolutely dripping in resin and enclosed in trichome crystals. This genetic variety is valued for its supreme crop.

Blueberry Auto Feminised gives a noteworthy crop of terrific buds that deliver enjoyable senses.


Dutch Passion

Flowering Time

6 – 7 weeks


Canadian Ruderalis x Blueberry

Pack Size

7 Seeds, 3 Seeds, 1 Seed

Flowering Type