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Dutch Passion

Think Fast Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Think Fast Feminised Seeds though cyberspace without further ado from Dutch Passion with prompt and low-key delivery to anywhere in the world.

Think Fast is a glorious cannabis phenotype ready to buy as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds produce solely feminine canna cannabis herbs while common seeds yield masculine and feminine canna greens at virtually split proportions.

The flowering pattern of Think Fast is Photoperiod. Auto-flowering herb cultivars bloom without consideration of day length whereas ordinary photoperiod strains grow in accordance to light schedule.

The Think Different x Power Plant lineage of Think Fast lend the elite traits to this weed strain. The finished product has great terpene combinations that bring forth remarkable fragrances and qualities.

Acquiring Think Fast Feminised Seeds by Dutch Passion enables you to farm this impressive cannabis phenotype inside, outside, or wherever you demand. The excellence of the end product is first-rate.

Your Think Fast Feminised Seeds are rapidly posted in only a number of days following buying these herb seeds online. The seeds are secretly packed for optimal privacy.

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Think Fast Breeder Description

Dutch Passion are proud to present the non-auto-flowering version of the legendary Think Different. Think Fast® was created by crossing Think Different AutoFem with a specially selected cutting of the Dutch Passion classic Power Plant® in the search of new AutoFem genetics. The first generation offspring, which is normally used for further breeding, was left flowering and gave surprisingly good results. When crossing an auto-flowering variety with a traditional photo-period variety, none of this offspring will be auto-flowering. The Dutch Passion geneticists discovered that these non-auto-flowering plants, which carry the recessive auto-flowering gene are significantly faster than their photo-period parents.

Think Fast® still needs a light impulse to start flowering, but grows bigger and taller in a faster way. With this feature it becomes possible to grow big, potent, photo-period strains with almost the speed of an auto-flower. Think Fast® can be grown outdoors and indoors and will reach the height of a photo-period strain, but will be ready to harvest a few weeks earlier. Think Fast® inherited the overwhelming big yields from our classic strain Power Plant and is almost as fast and easy to grow as the legendary Think Different.

Think Fast Growing Information

Spring up your Think Fast Feminised Seeds by reviewing our germination guide. Uphold the growing material moistened by provisioning water, nevertheless do not let it get marshy.

Bestow the sprouts with sunlight promptly after they’ve begun to grow. Provide fertilizer right after Think Fast has finalized its germination growing period.

In the vegetative cycle, empower the dope plants to expand and produce vegetation. Regular watching and pest control measures will encourage a fruitful weed nursery.

The nuggets are harvestable succeeding a bloom phase of 8 weeks, utterly plastered with resin and shielded in frost. This cannabis variety is admired for its primo crop.

Think Fast brings in a fruitful crop of glorious Mostly Sativa nugs that deliver nice highs.


Dutch Passion

Flowering Time

8 weeks


Think Different x Power Plant

Pack Size

3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds, 1 Seed

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