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Biddy Early Regular Seeds For Sale

Buy Biddy Early Regular Seeds via the internet pronto from Serious Seeds with swift and cautious shipment to anywhere in the world.

Biddy Early is a glorious cannabis chemovar ready to buy as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds germinate entirely feminine pot flowers yet common seeds grow masculine and feminine greenery at close to split proportions.

The flowering form of Biddy Early is Photoperiod. Autoflower herb variations bloom careless of day length whereas regular photoperiod cultivars grow in accord to lighting schedule.

The Early Skunk x Warlock genes of Biddy Early transfer the finest merits to this weed species. The crop has sensational terps that provide fabulous odors and qualities.

Scoring Biddy Early Regular Seeds by Serious Seeds grants you the ability to farm this remarkable weed chemovar in your residence or in whatever spot. The standard of the finished crop is incredible.

Your Biddy Early Regular Seeds are rapidly sent in only a number of days from paying for these herb seeds online. The seeds are carefully packed for optimal privacy.

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As the first-class store for amazing cannabis seeds, Starseeds is sworn to shopper fulfillment. Simply email our hospitable product service should you want any support obtaining Biddy Early Regular Seeds on the internet.

Biddy Early Breeder Description

Serious Seeds are proud to announce that they have incorporated 5 new strains which were originally developed and sold by Magus Genetics.

The assortment of this small Dutch Seed Company fits wonderfully well into the menu of Serious Seeds. Just like Serious Seeds Magus has produced only a few seeds with unique and superb characteristics because of their outstanding quality they have won several awards and more importantly are loved very much by the people who’ve tried them. ‘Biddy Early’ is their first outdoor variety, and for western European countries already one of the best ever. It can easily reach 2 meters of height in a normal outdoor season. Its relatively early finishing time combined with a good resistance against mould make it very suitable for outdoor growths in Dutch and similar climates. Most plants will show red and purple colours under low temperatures. The ‘Biddy Early’ gives great results indoors as well, but keeping mothers in a vegetative state is difficult because of its willingness to start flowering. The aroma is a mix of an unfamiliar Earthy scent and a Sweet Candy taste which gives a surprisingly pleasant and powerful high. Some people claimed it was the best they ever smoked.

Biddy Early Growing Information

Spring up your Biddy Early Regular Seeds by following our germination guide. Uphold the growing mix moistened by provisioning water, although do not let it get soaked.

Supply the weeds with sunlight promptly after they’ve sprouted. Provide plant nutrients as soon as Biddy Early has finalized its sprouting development stage.

At the veg period, empower the weed plants to grow and build vegetation. Regular reviewing and fertilizing will contribute to a fruitful MJ seed grow.

The flowers are done succeeding a budding time of 8-9 weeks, wholly resiny and enveloped in crystals. This ganja strain is highly regarded for its marvelous quality.

Biddy Early brings in a gainful crop of superb Mostly Sativa nuggets that provoke good perceptions.


Serious Seeds

Flowering Time

8-9 weeks


Early Skunk x Warlock

Pack Size

11 Seeds

Flowering Type