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Banana Kush Cake Auto Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Banana Kush Cake Auto Feminised Seeds on the information superhighway directly from Sensi Seeds with rapid and secretive distribution to anywhere in the world.

Banana Kush Cake Auto is a celebrated ganja breed retailed as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds grow entirely female canna ganja flowers yet common seeds provide masculine and female canna bushes at almost the same ratios.

The flowering kind of Banana Kush Cake Auto is Autoflowering. Autoflower dope species bloom without respect to light hours whereas standard photoperiod phenotypes grow in response to light schedule.

The (Banana Kush x Wedding Cheesecake) x Hindu Kush Auto parents of Banana Kush Cake Auto give the supreme features to this weed species. The harvest has phenomenal terpenes that result in marvelous fragrances and essences.

Scoring Banana Kush Cake Auto Feminised Seeds by Sensi Seeds empowers you to cultivate this marvelous cannabis breed indoors, outdoors, or wherever you require. The caliber of the end product is extraordinary.

Your Banana Kush Cake Auto Feminised Seeds are rapidly forwarded in only a number of days following paying for these dope seeds in real time. The seeds are carefully packed for supreme discretion.

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Banana Kush Cake Auto Breeder Description

Banana Kush Cake Auto is 75% indica, 25% sativa. This is a new auto-flowering strain, taking the Banana Kush /Wedding Cheesecake cross Banana Kush Cake and adding genetics from Hindu Kush Auto to provide the auto-flowering properties while also increasing the percentage of indica. There is some phenotypical variation, a fact that can be advantageous for experimental growers. The flowering period is seven to nine weeks giving an overall cultivation time of around 10/11 weeks give or take. Bumper auto yields can be anticipated. Banana Kush Cake Auto grows well outdoors in temperate, cool and even cold climates.

Banana Kush Cake Auto grows to a compact height. It has a fruity aroma of citrus and banana but is not overpowering even during flowering. The high is potent, cerebral and relaxing.

Plants grow with a strong stem and a compact appearance in an indica-typical Christmas tree shape. Buds are fat and dense with liberal amounts of resin and highlighted by pink and orange pistils just like the photo-period version.

Banana Kush Cake Auto Growing Information

Start your Banana Kush Cake Auto Feminised Seeds by looking over our germination guide. Uphold the substrate moistened by supplying water, except do not let it get boggy.

Bestow the saplings with brightness at the moment when they’ve started growing. Feed fert once Banana Kush Cake Auto has finalized its sprouting growing cycle.

At the time of the veg stage, bring your marijuana plants to burst forth and generate foliage. Habitual examination and nutrient provision will secure a productive pot patch.

The budlets are concluded succeeding a budding period of 49 – 63 days, utterly hashy and enveloped in trichome crystals. This weed strain is valued for its fabulous outcomes.

Banana Kush Cake Auto gives a lucrative harvest of phenomenal Mostly Indica nuggets that deliver nice touches.


Sensi Seeds

Flowering Time

49 – 63 days


(Banana Kush x Wedding Cheesecake) x Hindu Kush Auto

Pack Size

3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds

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Mostly Indica